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2-year Impact Factor: 4.195
Journal Citation Reports® 2019 Rankings: 6/87 (Health Policy & Services); 12/102 (Health Care Sciences & Services)
5-year Impact Factor: 7.290

New Milbank Quarterly Issue Released: December 2020 

Upcoming Topics

  • Life Satisfaction and Subsequent Physical, Behavioral, and Psychosocial Health in Older Adults
  • Communication as a Social Determinant of Health: Implications to Health Policymaking and Practice
  1. Early View Original Scholarship

    Is Obesity Policy in England Fit for Purpose? Analysis of Government Strategies and Policies, 1992–2020

    By:  Dolly RZ Theis Martin White

    Context: In England, the majority of adults, and more than a quarter of children aged 2 to 15 years live with obesity or excess weight. From 1992 to… More

  2. Early View Perspective

    Developing a Structure of Essential Services for a Child and Adolescent Mental Health System

    By:  Edward L. Schor

    Read on Wiley Online Library More

  3. Early View Perspective

    Medicare Advantage for Most

    By:  Jon Kingsdale

    COVID‐19 highlights one of the major problems with America’s hybrid arrangement for financing health care. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA)… More

  4. Early View Original Scholarship

    Money Moves the Mare: The Response of Community‐Based Organizations to Health Care’s Embrace of Social Determinants

    By:  Lauren A. Taylor Elena Byhoff

    Context: Recent health policies incentivize health care providers to collaborate with community‐based organizations (CBOs), such as food pantries… More

  5. Early View Milbank Quarterly Classics

    Reflections on the Five Laws of Integrating Medical and Social Services—21 Years Later

    By:  Stephen M. Shortell

    In 1999, Walter Leutz wrote a seminal article in The Milbank Quarterly on the need for and ways to better integrate medical and social services.1 He… More

  6. Early View Original Scholarship

    Engaging Consumers in Medicaid Program Design: Strategies from the States

    By:  Jane M. Zhu Ruth Rowland Rose Gunn Sarah E. Gollust David T. Grande

    Context: Consumer engagement early in the process of health care policymaking may improve the effectiveness of program planning and implementation,… More

  7. Early View Perspective

    Population Health Science: Fulfilling the Mission of Public Health

    By:  Frederick J. Zimmerman

    The United States is failing in population health. Life expectancy in the United States is falling for the first time since reliable mortality records… More

  8. Early View Perspective

    Allocating a COVID-19 Vaccine: Balancing National and International Responsibilities

    By:  Reidar K. Lie Franklin G. Miller

    More than 100 vaccine candidates are now in development to prevent infection from SARS-CoV2 or serious disease from COVID-19; many have entered… More

Current Issue

  1. Original Scholarship

    US State Policies, Politics, and Life Expectancy

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  2. Perspective

    Population Health in the Time of COVID-19: Confirmations and Revelations

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  3. Original Scholarship

    Medicare’s Bundled Payment Initiatives for Hospital‐Initiated Episodes: Evidence and Evolution

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  4. Perspective

    Well-Being in the Nation: A Living Library of Measures to Drive Multi-Sector Population Health Improvement and Address Social Determinants

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  5. Original Scholarship

    Situating the Continuum of Overdose Risk in the Social Determinants of Health: A New Conceptual Framework

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  6. Original Scholarship

    Out‐of‐Network Air Ambulance Bills: Prevalence, Magnitude, and Policy Solutions

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Toward a Two-Dimensional Conception of Socioeconomic Status for Health Policy

If we have (re-)learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that any new health shock is borne differentially by those of different…  More
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Dalton Conley

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Better Housing Improves People’s Lives—Health Benefits Should Be Seen as a Bonus

Many advocates hope that addressing the quality of housing, or similar social needs, can help us escape from the quagmire of ever-increasing US health…  More
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Sherry Glied

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Learning From November 3: A Wake-Up Call for Public Health

This was supposed to be an election about health. For the first three years of his presidency, Donald Trump presided over what appeared to be a robust…  More
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Sandro Galea

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