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2-year Impact Factor: 6.237
Journal Citation Reports® 2021 Rankings: 5/88 (Health Policy & Services); 13/109 (Health Care Sciences & Services)
5-year Impact Factor: 8.964

New Milbank Quarterly Issue Released:  September 2022 

Upcoming Topics

  • Using Regulatory Stances to See All the Commercial Determinants of Health
  1. Early View Perspective

    Paid Leave for Fathers: Policy, Practice, and Reform

    By:  Y. Tony Yang Sherrie Flynt Wallington Stephanie Morain

    Policy strategies to promote access to—and use of—paternity leave (and leave for non-birth parents more broadly) can therefore promote a healthier and more equitable society. More

  2. Early View Original Scholarship

    Toward a More Just System of Care in Molecular Pathology

    By:  Cullen M. Lilley Minerve Delille Kamran M. Mirza Megan Parilla

    Diagnostic molecular genetic testing and so-called personalized medicine are just now being integrated into the current American health care system. The way in which these tests are integrated can either exacerbate or reduce health disparities. More

  3. Early View Original Scholarship

    Assessment of Population-Level Disadvantage Indices to Inform Equitable Health Policy

    By:  Kamaria Kaalund Andrea Thoumi Nrupen A. Bhavsar Amy Labrador Rushina Cholera

    Context: There has been unprecedented uptake of disadvantage indices such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Social Vulnerability Index… More

  4. Early View Perspective

    Conceptualizing and Measuring Abatement from the Opioid Epidemic: A Case Study from Pennsylvania

    By:  Danielle Rhubart Qiushi Chen Glenn Sterner Robert Newton Bethany Shaw Dennis Scanlon

    The impacts and costs of the opioid epidemic in  the United States have been well documented in the popular press, in public health circles, and from local, state, and federal policy perspectives. More

Current Issue

  1. In the September 2022 Issue of the Quarterly

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  2. Health Centers and Value-Based Payment: A Framework for Health Center Payment Reform and Early Experiences in Medicaid Value-Based Payment in Seven States

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  3. How Emerging Telehealth Models Challenge Policymaking

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  4. Hospital-at-Home: Multistakeholder Considerations for Program Dissemination and Scale

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  5. Why Was the US Preventive Services Task Force’s 2009 Breast Cancer Screening Recommendation So Objectionable? A Historical Analysis

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  6. Understanding the Conceptualization and Operationalization of Trauma-Informed Care Within and Across Systems: A Critical Interpretive Synthesis

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The Milbank Quarterly Opinion

The Long-Term Implications of the Increase in Mental Health Disorders During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Perhaps central to the resolution of the health challenges that emerged during COVID-19 shall be the trajectory of mental health disorders that increased during the pandemic.  More
Sandro Galea

Sandro Galea

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Direct Democracy and Abortion Policy in the 2022 Midterm Elections: Wins and Caveats

The June 2022 Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization reverted abortion law and…  More
Paula M. Lantz

Paula M. Lantz

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Termites in the House of Health Care

As private equity firms have bought up billions of dollars in medical practices, home care agencies, and more over the last two decades, they have become a force in US health care. In a new Opinion, John E. McDonough of the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health chronicles the increasing role of private equity firms in the health care economy and its negative impact on patient mortality, patient costs, jobs, quality of care, and facilities closure.   More
John E. McDonough

John E. McDonough

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