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New Milbank Quarterly Issue Released: March 2022 

Upcoming Topics

  • Using Regulatory Stances to See All the Commercial Determinants of Health
  1. Early View Original Scholarship

    Using Regulatory Stances to See All the Commercial Determinants of Health

    By:  Alex C. Liber

    Context: The effects of commerce on the public health are omnipresent. The commercial determinants of health (CDoH) represent a burgeoning area of… More

  2. Early View Original Scholarship

    The Landscape of State Policies Supporting Family Caregivers as Aligned With the National Academy of Medicine Recommendations

    By:  Katherine E. M. Miller Sally C. Stearns Courtney Harold Van Houtven Donna Gilleskie George M. Holmes Erin E. Kent

    Context: In the United States in 2020, approximately 26 million individuals provided unpaid care to a family member or friend. On average, 60% of… More

  3. Early View Original Scholarship

    Do State Bans of Most-Favored-Nation Contract Clauses Restrain Price Growth? Evidence From Hospital Prices

    By:  Daniel R. Arnold Katherine L. Gudiksen Jaime S. King Brent D. Fulton Richard M. Scheffler

    Context: Most-favored-nation (MFN) contract clauses have recently garnered attention from both Congress and state legislatures looking for ways to… More

  4. Early View Original Scholarship

    Jail Health Care in the Southeastern United States from Entry to Release

    By:  Jessica Carda-Auten Elena A. Dirosa Catherine Grodensky Kathryn M. Nowotny Lauren Brinkley-Rubenstein Debbie Travers Mersedes Brown Steve Bradley-Bull Colleen Blue David L. Rosen

    The scarce resources allotted to jail health care are likely resulting in treatment delays, limited access to care, lower-quality care, unnecessary use of emergency medical services and emergency departments, and limited services to support continuity of care upon release, according to this new study. More

  5. Early View Original Scholarship

    Coverage of New Drugs in Medicare Part D

    By:  Huseyin Naci Ilias Kyriopoulos William B. Feldman Thomas J. Hwang Aaron S. Kesselheim Amitabh Chandra

    This study finds that newly approved drugs are frequently subject to formulary exclusions and restrictions such as prior authorization in Medicare Part D plans. More

  6. Early View Original Scholarship

    Estimating the Impact of Medicaid Expansion and Federal Funding Cuts on FQHC Staffing and Patient Capacity

    By:  Shiyin Jiao R. Tamara Konetzka Harold A. Pollack Elbert S. Huang

    In the first study of its kind, authors Shiyin Jiao and colleagues at the University of Chicago use national data to predict the comparative effects of several policies on federally qualified health center staffing, numbers of visits, and patients served. More

  7. Early View Original Scholarship

    What Does the State Innovation Model Experiment Tell Us About States’ Capacity to Implement Complex Health Reforms?

    By:  Anne-marie Boxall

    To make progress implementing payment and delivery system reforms, state governments need to make genuine stakeholder engagement routine business, develop reforms that build on past successes, and ensure health reform is a top priority for bureaucrats and political leaders. More

  8. Early View Perspective

    Financing Approaches to Social Prescribing Programs in England and the United States

    By:  Sahil Sandhu Hugh Alderwick Laura M. Gottlieb

    This Perspective describes how public-financing approaches have progressed in the United States and England to support social prescribing. More

  9. Early View Original Scholarship

    Information From Same-Race/Ethnicity Experts Online Does Not Increase Vaccine Interest or Intention to Vaccinate

    By:  Shana Kushner Gadarian Sara Wallace Goodman Jamila Michener Brendan Nyhan Thomas B. Pepinsky

    Context: The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States has been unequally experienced across racial and ethnic groups. Mass vaccination is the most… More

  10. Early View Original Scholarship

    A Mixed Methods Evaluation of Interventions to Meet the Requirements of California Senate Bill 1152 in the Emergency Departments of a Public Hospital System

    By:  Breena R. Taira Hyung Kim Karla Tlatelpa Prodigue Leilani Gutierrez-Palominos Alexis Aleman Leora Steinberg Gregory Tchakalian Kabir Yadav Reginald Tucker-Seeley

    Context: Prompted by stories of “patient dumping,” California enacted Senate Bill (SB) 1152, which mandates that hospitals offer patients… More

  11. Early View Perspective

    The Logic of Policies to Address Income-Related Health Inequity: A Problem-Oriented Approach

    By:  Seth A. Berkowitz

    Social conditions give rise to material realities. The social conditions structuring access to those resources “necessary to lower the risk of… More

  12. Early View Perspective

    Measuring the Trustworthiness of Health Care Organizations and Systems

    By:  Andrew Anderson Derek M. Griffith

    Developing and publicly reporting measures that can enable patients, particularly from historically marginalized groups, to better assess the trustworthiness of providers is necessary to promote health care equity. More

  13. Early View Commentary

    Patients’ Perspectives on Trust and Trustworthiness of Health Care Organizations

    By:  Jessica Greene

    Jessica Greene of Baruch College, City University of New York, draws on her qualitative research to explore what builds patients’ trust in clinicians and in health institutions. More

  14. Early View Milbank Quarterly Classics

    A Road Map to Rigor and Relevance in Pharmaceutical Policy Research

    By:  Julie Donohue, PhD

    In 1993, Stephen Soumerai and coauthors published “A Critical Analysis of Studies of State Drug Reimbursement Policies: Research in Need of… More

  15. Early View Original Scholarship

    How Ethnic Minority Context Alters the Risk for Developing Mental Health Disorders and Psychological Distress for Latinx Young Adults

    By:  Margarita Alegría Mario Cruz-Gonzalez Kiara Alvarez Glorisa Canino Cristiane Duarte Hector Bird Maria Ramos-Olazagasti Sheri Lapatin Markle Isabel O'Malley Doriliz Vila Patrick E. Shrout

    Context: Puerto Rican youth growing up in low-income communities in the South Bronx and Puerto Rico are exposed to many of the same risk factors for… More

Current Issue

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  2. Does a Rising Median Income Lift All Birth Weights? County Median Income Changes and Low Birth Weight Rates Among Births to Black and White Mothers

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  3. Coverage and Framing of Immigration Policy in US Newspapers

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  4. A US State Index of Successful Aging: Differences Between States and Over Time

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  5. Electronic Health Records as Biased Tools or Tools Against Bias: A Conceptual Model

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  6. First Things First: How to Elicit the Initial Program Theory for a Realist Evaluation of Complex Integrated Care Programs

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  7. Participation, Pricing, and Enrollment in a Health Insurance “Public Option”: Evidence From Washington State’s Cascade Care Program

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