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2-year Impact Factor: 7.425
Journal Citation Reports ® 2018 Rankings: 1/81 (Health Policy & Services; 1/98 (Health Care Science & Services)

Beyond COVID-19: Improving Population Health, Public Health, and Health Care. See new call for papers. 

Upcoming Topics

  • Legal feasibility and implementation of federal strategies for a national retail-based fruit and vegetable subsidy program in the United States
  • Medicare’s Bundled Payment Initiatives for Hospital-Initiated Episodes: Evidence and Evolution
  1. Early View Original Scholarship

    Out‐of‐Network Air Ambulance Bills: Prevalence, Magnitude, and Policy Solutions

    By:  Erin C. Fuse Brown Erin Trish Bich Ly Mark A. Hall Loren Adler

    Context: Out‐of‐network air ambulance bills are a growing problem for consumers. Because most air ambulance transports are out‐of‐network and… More

Current Issue

  1. Perspective

    COVID-19 and Underinvestment in the Public Health Infrastructure of the United States

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  2. Milbank Quarterly Classics

    Detailing the Primary Care Imperative–Remembering Barbara Starfield

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  3. Perspective

    Bending the Cost Growth Curve and Expanding Coverage: Lessons from Germany’s All‐Payer System
    A Tribute to Uwe Reinhardt

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  4. Original Scholarship

    Can Social Policies Improve Health? A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis of 38 Randomized Trials

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  5. Original Scholarship

    Rethinking Integrated Care: A Systematic Hermeneutic Review of the Literature on Integrated Care Strategies and Concepts

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  6. Original Scholarship

    Leading Innovative Practice: Leadership Attributes in LEAP Practices

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US Health Care in Our Neoliberal Era

For some years I’ve pondered a Commonwealth Fund chart showing the growth in gross domestic product (GDP) for health care comparing the United…  More
John E. McDonough

John E. McDonough

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What 1966 Can Teach Us About the Future of Primary Care: The Case for Communities of Solution

In April 1966, the National Commission on Community Health Services presented President Lyndon Johnson with their report, Health Is a Community…  More

States Should Act Now to Maximize Medicaid’s Impact

Policymakers should make Medicaid policy a key strategy for addressing the public health and economic crises stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.  More
Heidi L. Allen

Heidi L. Allen

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