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The Milbank Memorial Fund is an endowed operating foundation that aims to improve population health by connecting leaders and decision makers with the best available evidence and experience. It does this work by:

  • Identifying, informing, and inspiring current and future state health policy leaders to enhance their effectiveness;
  • Working with state health policy decision makers on issues they identify as important to population health, particularly in areas related to primary care, aging, and total costs of care; and
  • Publishing high-quality, evidence-based publications and The Milbank Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of population health and health policy.
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The behavioral health crisis model includes 3 components: a 24-hour regional or statewide crisis call center hub; community-based mobile crisis teams; and facilities designed to stabilize patients for eventual recovery CC @CrisisAccess #mentalhealth

This Thanksgiving @MilbankFund is grateful to the policymakers, payers, clinicians, researchers, advocates, journalists, and others working to advance population health (the health of everyone). Thank you!

ICYMI, @drJoshS discusses how COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses in US social policies and exacerbated issues of food insecurity and mental health among children in a Milbank Quarterly Opinion

Especially following COVID-19, it's important for states to invest in behavioral health crisis models that better meet residents’ needs and potentially save money by reducing the need for ED visits, hospitalizations & criminal justice system involvement.

Behavioral health crisis models of care in Arizona, Georgia, and Tennessee provide early intervention and divert individuals in crisis from hospitals, jails, and prisons. Learn more: CC @AHCCCSgov @DBHDD @samhsagov

A new study out of @YaleSPH, published in @Health_Affairs, finds that how a COVID vaccine is distributed will have a greater impact on its effectiveness than the vaccine's efficacy.