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The Milbank Memorial Fund is an endowed operating foundation that aims to improve population health and health equity by connecting leaders and decision makers by collaborating with leaders and decision makers and connecting them with experience and sound evidence. It does this work by:

  • Identifying, informing, and inspiring current and future state health policy leaders to enhance their effectiveness;
  • Working with state health policy decision makers on issues they identify as important to population health, particularly in areas related to primary care, aging, and total costs of care; and
  • Publishing high-quality, evidence-based publications and The Milbank Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of population health and health policy.
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  • Milbank State Leadership Program Cohorts Selected

    Christine Haran

    Each year, the Milbank Memorial Fund invests in the development of state and county leaders who are committed to advancing population health and… More

  • COVID Vaccination Successes in Mississippi’s Black Communities

    COVID Vaccination Successes in Mississippi’s Black Communities

    R.L. Nave

    Health care access issues have long posed challenges for health officials in Mississippi, a rural state with the nation’s largest percentage of African Americans. More

  • Duane Mayes: Dedicated to the Dignity of Work for People with Disabilities

    Duane Mayes: Dedicated to the Dignity of Work for People with Disabilities

    Christine Haran Kate McEvoy

    In a Q&A with Milbank, Mayes describes what drives his leadership in state vocational rehabilitation, which offers employment-related services to those with functional, developmental, cognitive, emotional, or other disabilities.  More

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    We’re working with key stakeholders in state and local governments to reduce the rate of healthcare cost growth to ensure that people have access to affordable, quality care. @MilbankFund

    What has the United States learned about the role of public health as a result of #COVID? Gail Wilensky of @projecthopeorg weighs in on how to better coordinate efforts

    Gail Wilensky of @projecthopeorg offers recommendations, such as clarifying federal leadership roles, to help the nation improve its public health response to the next epidemiological challenge.

    The @MilbankFund along with @DukeMargolis published an analysis of North Carolina’s COVID-19 Support Services Program and how it can help other states that are considering expanding or creating health programs that address social needs.