Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program seeks to develop practical, hands-on leadership skills in future senior executive and legislative officials to help them address the challenges and opportunities in today’s complex health policy environment.

Key Resources for 2021-2022 ELP Cohort

The Milbank Memorial Fund’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a 10-month leadership development program for early and mid-career legislative and executive branch state and large-county government officials who are committed to improving population health. The program helps participants:

  • Develop practical, applied leadership skills that increases their ability to advance population health change efforts
  • Build and utilize a network of colleagues from across the country who share the goal of improving population health
  • Consistently apply a broad array of evidence to their work as state or large-county leaders and health policy decision makers
  • Increase their capacity to work with others who have different values, motivations and political affiliations than their own

Taught by expert trainers and current/former state policymakers, the program prepares cohorts of 12 to 15 participants to address challenges and opportunities in today’s increasingly complex health policy environment. There are no costs to participants.

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