Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors of the Milbank Memorial Fund have, throughout its history, been drawn from business, finance, law, medicine, the social sciences, and public life.

  • Ronald J. Clark

    Chief Executive Officer, Spartan Strategy & Risk Management

    Ronald J. Clark is the chief executive officer of Spartan Strategy & Risk Management. Prior to this Dr. Clark served as the deputy under secretary… More
  • Paul D. Cleary

    Paul D. Cleary

    Anna M.R. Lauder Professor of Public Health, Yale University

    Paul D. Cleary is a former editorial director of the Milbank Memorial Fund and past editor of The Milbank Quarterly (1992-2000). Dr. Cleary is the… More
  • John M. Colmers

    Retired Senior Vice President, Health Care Transformation and Strategic Planning, Johns Hopkins Medicine

    John M. Colmers was the senior vice president, health care transformation and strategic planning, for Johns Hopkins Medicine from 2011 to 2020. From… More
  • Linda V. DeCherrie

    Linda V. DeCherrie

    Vice President, Medically Home

    Linda V. DeCherrie is the Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Implementation at Medically Home. She is also a professor in the Brookdale… More
  • Peter Donnelly

    Peter Donnelly

    Professor of Public Health Medicine and the director of the Sir James Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis, University of St Andrews

    Peter D. Donnelly, MD, is a professor of Public Health Medicine and the director of the Sir James Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis, University… More
  • Danielle G. Dooley

    Danielle G. Dooley

    Medical Director, Community Affairs and Population Health, Child Health Advocacy Institute at Children's National Health System

    Danielle G. Dooley is medical director of community affairs and population health in the Child Health Advocacy Institute at Children’s National Health… More
  • Sherry A. Glied

    Sherry A. Glied

    Dean, New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

    Board of Directors Member Sherry A. Glied is dean of New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. More
  • Denise Gray-Felder

    Denise Gray-Felder

    President, Communication for Social Change Consortium

    Denise Gray-Felder is a communications expert who has worked in multiple industries and countries, addressing social issues such as disparities in health, education, gender, and income. More
  • Peter M. Gottsegen

    Peter M. Gottsegen

    Founding Partner, CAI Managers & Co., LP

    Peter M. Gottsegen is a founding partner of CAI Managers & Co., a private equity firm with offices in New York, Toronto, and Montreal. Prior to… More
  • Robert E. Harvey

    Robert E. Harvey

    Investment Manager and Private Trustee

    Robert E. Harvey is an investment manager and private trustee. He is an overseer of the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University and a… More
  • Robert F. Hoerle

    Managing Partner, Stone Run Capital, LLC

    Robert F. Hoerle is a managing partner of Stone Run Capital, a registered investment advisor, which he founded with his son, Jeffrey, in 2009.… More
  • Clarion E. Johnson

    Former Global Medical Director, ExxonMobil Corporation

    Clarion E. Johnson is the former global medical director of the Medicine and Occupational Health Department for ExxonMobil Corporation. The department… More
  • Christopher F. Koller

    Christopher F. Koller

    President, Milbank Memorial Fund

    Christopher F. Koller is president of the Fund. Before joining the Fund, he served the state of Rhode Island as the country’s first health insurance… More
  • Daniel J. McSwiggan

    Daniel J. McSwiggan

    Partner, Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP

    Daniel J. McSwiggan, JD, is a trust and estate attorney with over 30 years of experience offering tax planning, administration, and litigation… More
  • Samuel L. Milbank

    Milbank Capital Management, LLC

    Samuel L. Milbank is a partner at Milbank Capital Management and the chair of the board of the Milbank Memorial Fund. Mr. Milbank has been involved in… More
  • Margaret E. O’Kane

    Margaret E. O’Kane

    President, National Committee for Quality Assurance

    Margaret E. O’Kane is president of the National Committee for Quality Assurance, an independent, nonprofit organization that improves health care… More
  • Lashawn Richburg-Hayes

    Lashawn Richburg-Hayes

    Vice President of Education, Insight Policy Research

    Lashawn Richburg-Hayes is Vice President, Education, at Insight Policy Research where she leads Insight’s work in education, which emphasizes… More