The Milbank Memorial Fund has published The Milbank Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of population health and health policy since 1923. It has commissioned and published reports since early in the last century and, beginning in the early 1990s, published a series called Milbank Reports. From 1999 to 2013, the Fund co-published with the University of California Press a series of books titled California/Milbank Books on Health and the Public. The Fund currently publishes reports, issue briefs (shorter papers), case studies, and Milbank-supported reports, reports published with partner organizations.

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  • Report

    A Data Use Strategy for State Action to Address Health Care Cost Growth

    June 2021 Jennifer Sayles, MD, MPH Deepti Kanneganti Michael Bailit

    States with health care cost growth targets (or benchmarks) need to perform analyses on data collected from payers and providers to identify factors driving health care spending levels and health care spending growth. This report presents an analytic framework for analyses that monitor impact of the target, as well as a series of 11 recommended standard reports.  More

  • Report

    Measuring Non-Claims-Based Primary Care Spending

    April 2021 Erin Taylor Michael Bailit Deepti Kanneganti

    Even as the use of alternative payment models — such as prospective per-patient case rates or performance incentive payments — grows, there is little uniformity in how primary care spending, particularly non-fee-for-service spending, is tracked and defined.  More

  • Report

    Bipartisan Approaches to Tackling Health Care Costs at the State Level

    October 2020 David K. Jones Christina Pagel

    The answer to rising health care costs may well lie in initiating state-level conversations among moderates and reframing the way we talk about health care costs, rather than in overturning deeply held ideological beliefs.  More

  • Report

    California’s Sutter Health Settlement: What States Can Learn About Protecting Residents from the Effects of Health Care Provider Consolidation

    September 2020 Rob Waters

    Rob Waters explores whether the Sutter Health settlement in California can serve as a roadmap for other states looking to control rising health care prices, as well as broader efforts for reining in hospital price inflation, such as antimerger legislation and the use of state price controls.  More

  • Report

    Prospective Payment for Primary Care: Lessons for Future Models

    September 2020 Erin Taylor Michael Bailit Jennifer Sayles, MD, MPH

    This report analyzes earlier primary care prospective payment models and offers lessons and insights for designing a prospective payment for primary care that will facilitate the delivery of comprehensive, coordinated, and patient-centered primary care.   More

  • Report

    Electronic Consultations (eConsults): A Triple Win for Patients, Clinicians, and Payers

    June 2020 Aasta Thielke Valerie King

    A new Milbank Memorial Fund report from the Center for Evidence-based Policy reviews the evidence on the effectiveness and safety of the use of eConsults by primary care clinicians and clinicians from multiple specialties.   More

  • Report

    Marrying Value-Based Payment and the Social Determinants of Health through Medicaid ACOs: Implications for Policy and Practice

    May 2020 Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler Benjamin Ahmad

    Medicaid programs are experimenting with two vital trends in health policy: value-based payment and interventions intended to address social determinants of health, such as housing and transportation. How can they best be coordinated?   More

  • Report

    State Options for Medicaid Coverage of Inpatient Behavioral Health Services

    November 2019 MaryBeth Musumeci Priya Chidambaram Kendal Orgera

    A report copublished by the Milbank Memorial Fund and the Kaiser Family Foundation looks at state options for accessing federal Medicaid funds for certain inpatient services provided by “institutions for mental disease” or IMDs.   More

  • Report

    In Support of Family Caregivers: A Snapshot of Five States

    June 2019 Jennifer Aufill Julia Burgdorf Jennifer Wolff

    In a new report cosponsored by The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Milbank Memorial Fund, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers highlight five states—Washington, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, and Tennessee— that have advanced policies and programs in support of family caregivers.  More

  • Report

    The Ripple Effect: The Impact of the Opioid Epidemic on Children and Families

    March 2019 Suzanne C. Brundage Carol Levine

    Opioid addiction is well recognized as a national crisis, but its impact on children and adolescents whose parents are addicted has received little attention. This report, published by the United Hospital Fund (UHF), with support from the Milbank Memorial Fund and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, makes clear that the magnitude of the epidemic’s impact is much greater than realized.   More