The Milbank Fellows Program (MFP) is a new one-year leadership program for executive branch and senior legislative state government leaders committed to improving population health in their communities.

Key Resources for 2021-2022 MFP Cohort

Throughout this year-long program for senior leaders, Milbank Fellows will participate in two highly interactive in-person meetings and a series of virtual learning events. Fellows will have access to individualized technical assistance for themselves and their senior teams on areas of interest in addition to a library of population health and public sector leadership resources.

Fellows will:

  • Gain new knowledge about specific population health issues, interdisciplinary health and human services systems, and evidence-based approaches to improving population health;
  • Expand their leadership capacities to articulate and drive forward a population health vision and agenda;
  • Create meaningful connections with resources and a network, so they can leverage their new knowledge and capacities to take action in their state; and
  • Engage with senior leaders at the Milbank Memorial Fund and their network of state population health experts.

Led by expert trainers and current and former state policymakers, this program will advance the work of 12 to 15 participants to address challenges and opportunities in today’s complex health policy environment. There are no costs to participants.