• Christopher F. Koller

    Christopher F. Koller


    Christopher F. Koller is president of the Milbank Memorial Fund. Before joining the Fund, he served the state of Rhode Island as the country’s first…  More
  • Erica Brown

    Erica Brown

    Program Officer

    Erica Brown is a program officer at the Milbank Memorial Fund. In her role, she manages the Fund’s activities focused on identifying, informing, and…  More
  • Cindy Chen

    Program Assistant

    Cindy Chen is the Milbank Memorial Fund’s program assistant. Prior to joining the Fund, she was the program assistant at the J.C. Flowers…  More
  • Kathleen S. Andersen

    Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Kathleen S. Andersen is vice president and chief operating officer of the Fund. Before joining the Fund in 1990 as a program officer, Ms. Andersen was…  More
  • Jennifer Adams-Dunwell

    Accounting Officer

    Jennifer Adams-Dunwell is the Fund’s accounting officer. Previously Ms. Adams-Dunwell worked as a bookkeeper for Best Deal Trucking Company and…  More
  • Rachel Block

    Rachel Block

    Program Officer

    Rachel Block is a program officer at the Milbank Memorial Fund where she focuses on a variety of state health policy issues. She has previously served…  More
  • Gail Cambridge

    Administrative Services Manager

    Gail Cambridge is the Fund’s administrative services manager. Prior to joining the Fund, she was employed at the Guyana National Cooperative Bank.…  More
  • Alan B. Cohen

    Alan B. Cohen

    Editor, The Milbank Quarterly

    Alan B. Cohen is editor of The Milbank Quarterly. He is a research professor in the Markets, Public Policy, and Law Department of the Questrom School…  More
  • Christine Haran

    Communications Director

    Christine Haran is the communications director for the Milbank Memorial Fund. In this role, she manages communications strategy, publications, and…  More
  • Tara Strome

    Managing Editor, The Milbank Quarterly

    Tara Strome is managing editor of The Milbank Quarterly. She was previously publications associate and administrative assistant at the Fund. Prior to…  More
  • Lisa Dulsky Watkins

    Lisa Dulsky Watkins

    Director, Multipayer Primary Care Network

    Lisa Dulsky Watkins is the director of the Milbank Memorial Fund Multipayer Primary Care Network, a consortium of 18 state and regional multipayer…  More