• Christopher F. Koller

    Christopher F. Koller


    Christopher Koller is president of the Milbank Memorial Fund, a 114-year operating foundation that improves population health by connecting leaders…  More
  • Jennifer Adams-Dunwell

    Accounting Officer

    Jennifer Adams-Dunwell is the Fund’s accounting officer. Previously Ms. Adams-Dunwell worked as a bookkeeper for Best Deal Trucking Company and…  More
  • Kathleen S. Andersen

    Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Kathleen S. Andersen is vice president and chief operating officer of the Fund. Before joining the Fund in 1990 as a program officer, Ms. Andersen was…  More
  • Rachel Block

    Rachel Block

    Program Officer

    Rachel Block is a program officer at the Milbank Memorial Fund where she focuses on a variety of state health policy issues. She has previously served…  More
  • Erica Brown

    Erica Brown

    Program Officer

    Erica Brown is a program officer at the Milbank Memorial Fund. In her role, she manages the Fund’s activities focused on identifying, informing, and…  More
  • Gail Cambridge

    Administrative Services Manager

    Gail Cambridge is the Fund’s administrative services manager. Prior to joining the Fund, she was employed at the Guyana National Cooperative Bank.…  More
  • Cindy Chen

    Program Assistant

    Cindy Chen is the Milbank Memorial Fund’s program assistant. Prior to joining the Fund, she was the program assistant at the J.C. Flowers…  More
  • Alan B. Cohen

    Alan B. Cohen

    Editor, The Milbank Quarterly

    Alan B. Cohen is editor of The Milbank Quarterly. He is a research professor in the Markets, Public Policy, and Law Department of the Questrom School…  More
  • Christine Haran

    Communications Director

    Christine Haran is the communications director for the Milbank Memorial Fund. In this role, she manages communications strategy, publications, and…  More
  • Tara Strome

    Managing Editor, The Milbank Quarterly

    Tara Strome is managing editor of The Milbank Quarterly. She was previously publications associate and administrative assistant at the Fund. Prior to…  More
  • Lisa Dulsky Watkins

    Lisa Dulsky Watkins

    Director, Multipayer Primary Care Network

    Lisa Dulsky Watkins is the director of the Milbank Memorial Fund Multipayer Primary Care Network, a consortium of 18 state and regional multipayer…  More