The Milbank Memorial Fund

is an endowed operating foundation that works to improve population health by connecting leaders and decision-makers with the best available evidence and experience.

Founded in 1905, the Fund engages in nonpartisan analysis, collaboration, and communication, with an emphasis on state health policy.

It does this work by:

Mission Statement


The Milbank Memorial Fund improves the health of populations by connecting leaders and decision makers with the best available evidence and experience.


We envision communities made healthier using the best evidence and experience.


Objectivity and Non-partisanship

  • We base all our work on the best possible evidence and experience—gathered, evaluated and synthesized—regardless of affiliation or ideology.

Collaboration and Community

  • We believe effective policies and programs emerge when individuals and groups with diverse views and backgrounds work together in a fashion marked by civil discourse and integrity that promotes trust. Improving population health must take into account the needs of entire populations, not just those with access to resources.

Sustainability and Accountability

  • We are stewards of resources, always mindful of the effect of our programs, our investments and our conduct on future generations and the intent of our founders, Elizabeth Milbank Anderson and Albert G. Milbank. We work on important issues with achievable goals—where the evidence is strong and the practice is not.

Leadership and Excellence

  • We believe leadership that is future-oriented, aware of the needs of many, inquisitive, principled, and pragmatic, is essential to improving population health.