Meeting of the Advisory Council

December 1923 | Edward W. Sheldon, William H. Welch, Homer Folks, Leverett D. Bristol, Thomas P. Farmer, Percy M. Hughes, John L. Heffron, Bailey B. Burritt, James Alexander Miller, Lee K. Frankel, Hugh S. Cumming, Livingston Farrand, Haven Emerson

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Author(s): Edward W. Sheldon; William H. Welch; Homer Folks; Matthias Nicoll; Leverett D. Bristol; Thomas P. Farmer; Percy M. Hughes; John L. Heffron; Bailey B. Burritt; James Alexander Miller; Lee K. Frankel; Hugh S. Cumming; Livingston Farrand; Haven Emerson

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Volume 1, Issue 4 (pages 1–37)
Published in 1923