Adolescent Smoking: Research and Health Policy

March 1988 | Paul D. Cleary, Jan L. Hitchcock, Norbert Semmer, Laura J. Flinchbaugh, John M. Pinney

A great deal is now known about the prevalence and natural history of adolescent smoking. The literature on smoking intervention, drawn from theoretically based experiments, shows that most programs are unlikely to become widely disseminated because of the extensive resources required. More thoughtful strategies for research and targeting of interventions are examined. They may yield coordinated and comprehensive approaches to moving more quickly and effectively from the behavioral laboratory into the field.

Author(s): Paul D. Cleary; Jan L. Hitchcock; Norbert Semmer; Laura J. Flinchbaugh; John M. Pinney

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Volume 66, Issue 1 (pages 137–171)
Published in 1988