September 2023  (Volume 101)

From the Editor


Original Scholarship

  • Electoral Democracy and Working-Age Mortality

    Jennifer Karas Montez Kent Jason Cheng Jacob M. Grumbach

    Erosion of electoral democracy is a threat to population health. This study adds to growing evidence that electoral democracy and population health are inextricably linked.  More

  • The Role of Primary Care in Advancing Civic Engagement and Health Equity: A Conceptual Framework

    Daniel R. S. Habib Lauren M. Klein Eliana M. Perrin Andrew J. Perrin Sara B. Johnson

    Primary care is a potentially fruitful setting for cultivating community and individual health and power by supporting social connectedness, self-efficacy, and collective action.  More

  • The Water Surrounding the Iceberg: Cultural Racism and Health Inequities

    Eli K. Michaels Tracy Lam-Hine Thu T. Nguyen Gilbert C. Gee Amani M. Allen

    Cultural racism is a pervasive social toxin that surrounds all other dimensions of racism to produce and maintain racial health inequities. Yet, cultural racism has received relatively little attention in the public health literature.  More

  • Politics and the Public Health Workforce: Lessons Suggested from a Five-State Study

    Michael S. Sparer Lawrence D. Brown

    The politics of public health requires a closer look at the role played by county commissioners, mayors, and other local elected officials. We need a political strategy to persuade these officials that their constituents will benefit from a better public health system.  More

  • Measuring Trust in Primary Care

    Zachary Merenstein Jill C. Shuemaker Robert L. Phillips

    Context: Trust is a fundamental aspect of any human relationship, and medical care is no exception. An ongoing, trusting relationship between…  More

  • Evidence on Scaling in Health and Social Care: An Umbrella Review

    Roberta de Carvalho Corôa Amédé Gogovor Ali Ben Charif Asma Ben Hassine Hervé Tchala Vignon Zomahoun Robert K. D. McLean Andrew Milat Karine V. Plourde Nathalie Rheault Luke Wolfenden France Légaré

    As the science of scaling spreads across the world with the aim of reducing health inequities, it is also essential to address the power imbalance in how we do scaling research globally.  More

  • Structural Factors and Racial/Ethnic Inequities in Travel Times to Acute Care Hospitals in the Rural US South, 2007–2018

    Arrianna Marie Planey Donald A. Planey Sandy Wong Sara L. McLafferty Michelle J. Ko

    Rural places affected by rural hospital closures have greater travel burdens for acute care. Across the rural South, racial/ethnic inequities in spatial access to acute care are most pronounced when travel times to the second nearest open acute care hospital are accounted for.  More

  • Can US Medical Schools Teach About Structural Racism?

    Anthony L. Schlaff Ndidiamaka N. Amutah-Onukagha Dorcas Mabiala Jasmin Kamruddin Fernando F. Ona

    Context: Since the beginning of COVID-19 and the rise of social justice movements sparked by the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the…  More