The Milbank Quarterly in the News

September 2018
Putting Quality and People at the Centre of Health Systems; The Lancet


June 2017
What You May Learn By At-Home Genetic Testing; US News & World Report 

December 2016
Hard to Avoid but Difficult to Sustain: Scotland’s Innovative Health Tax on Large Retailers Selling Tobacco and Alcohol; The HeraldScotland

October 2016
Reviews of Medical Studies May Be Tainted by Funders’ Influence; NPR

September 2016
We Have an Epidemic of Deeply Flawed Meta-analyses, says John Ioannidis; Retraction Watch 

Science’s Arbiter of Disputes, the Meta-analysis, is Falling Prey to Bias; StatNews

Mass Production of Review Articles is Cause for Concern;

Analysis of HITECH: Five Years Later; Politico Morning eHealth

Study: Success of Meaningful Use Program ‘Mixed’FierceHealthCare

‘Exnovation’ Cancels Out Much Medical Office Innovation; MedPage Today 

June 2016
Making the Case for Global Budgets; Politico Pulse

March 2016
First in Morning EHealth; Politico Morning EHealth 

‘Community’ HIEs May Need to Compete with ‘Enterprise’ Models; FierceEMR

December 2015
People Have Kinder Attitudes Toward Workplace Weight Discrimination Than You Might Think; Science of Us, New York Magazine online

One Quality Measure to Rule Them All; Health Leaders Media

April 2015
Will Big Tobacco Become Big Marijuana? USA Today

March 2015
Hospitals Are Wrong About Shifting Costs to Private Insurers; New York Times, The Upshot

Today’s Aging Boomers May Be Less Healthy Elders Than Expected, Study Says; Association of Health Care Journalists blog

Medical Overuse Slightly More Likely for White Patients; FierceHealthcare

Race/Ethnicity Sometimes Associated with Overuse of Medical Care;

October 2014
How Family Planning Programs Save Taxpayers Billions of Dollars Each Year; Washington Post

September 2014
Nearly Half of All Seniors Need Help With Daily Activities, Far More Than We Thought; Forbes

Nearly Half of Older Americans Need Support With Daily Routines; Health Behavior News Service

Doctors’ Magical Thinking About Conflicts of Interest; New York Times, The Upshot

Not Every Conflict of Interest Produces the Same Vote on FDA Panels; Wall Street Journal, Pharmalot Blog

June 2014
Tobacco Industry Once Had High Hopes for Marijuana Business; Los Angeles Times

Big Tobacco Planned Big Marijuana Sales in the 1970s; Time

Archives from 1970s Show Big Tobacco Had High Hopes for Cannabis: The Independent

Tobacco Industry Once Had High Hopes for Marijuana Business; Chicago Tribune

Tobacco Companies Considered Moving Into Pot; Moneynews

Documents Show that Big Tobacco Has Been Interested in Pot for at Least 45 Years; The Consumerist

Shining Some Light on Physician Conflicts of Interest; MinnPost

Class and Insurance Stigma are Barriers to Good Health Care; MedicalExpress


March 2014
Cost of Health Care a Burden for Most U.S. Households; Health Behavior News Service

Getting the Word Out on the Affordable Care Act; Newswise


December 2013
Does Your Healthcare Provider Know You? News@Northeastern

Health Status and Use of Preventive Services Improved After Enactment of Massachusetts’ Health Care Reform Law; JAMA

Massachusetts Residents Healthier After Health Care Reform; Health Behavior News Service

Romneycare Improved Health in Massachusetts: Study; The Epoch Times

“Romneycare” Worked in Massachusetts, Shows Study; WebProNews