The Governance and Management of Effective Community Health Partnerships: A Typology for Research, Policy, and Practice

Community health partnerships (CHPs) are voluntary collaborations of diverse community organizations that have joined forces in order co pursue a shared interest in improving community health. Although these cross-sectoral collaborations represent a way to address social determinants of health and disease in society, they suffer from governance and management problems associated with interorganizational relationships in general and health care challenges specifically. A typology of effective governance and management characteristics provides a systematic, theoretically based way of addressing dimensions of governance and management and serves as a guide in constructing, maintaining, and measuring successful partnerships. It offers a multidisciplinary perspective for classifying important organizational issues, identifying barriers to successful development and sustainability, and facilitating the attainment of goals.

Author(s): Shannon M. Mitchell; Stephen M. Shortell

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Volume 78, Issue 2 (pages 241–289)
DOI: 10.1111/1468-0009.00170
Published in 2000