Some Aspects of Patient-Flow in the Dutchess County Unit, 1960-1963

March 1966 | Richard V. Kasius, Morton Kramer, Ernest M. Gruenberg, Robert E. Patton, Bertram S. Brown, Peter Sainsbury, Elmer Gardner, Sydney Brandon, Neil Kessel, Margaret Wells, Alan D. Miller, Jacqueline C. Grad, Herman B. Snow, Courtenay L. Benne

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Author(s): Richard V. Kasius; Morton Kramer; Ernest M. Gruenberg; Robert E. Patton; Bertram S. Brown; Peter Sainsbury; Elmer Gardner; Sydney Brandon; Richard V. Kasius; Neil Kessel; Margaret Wells; Allan D. Miller; Jacqueline Grad; Herman B. Snow; Courtenay L. Benne

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Volume 44, Issue 1 (pages 1125–1126)
Published in 1966