Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors

Ronald Bayer is professor in the Division of Sociomedical Sciences of the School of Public Health at Columbia University and interim editor of the Milbank Quarterly. He has written widely on the AIDS epidemic and the ethics of public health. Mr. Bayer is author ofPrivate Acts, Social Consequences: AIDS and the Politics of Public Health and co- editor, with David Kirp, of the forthcoming book, AIDS in Industrialized Democracies: Passions, Politics and Policies.

Allan M. Brandt is associate professor in the Departments of Social Medicine and History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is currently at work on a social and cultural history of cigarette smoking in American life. Mr. Brandt is the author of No Magic Bullet.

Karen Davis is chairman and professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at The Johns Hopkins University. She has for many years been concerned with national health insurance, health care costs, and vulnerable populations. Ms. Davis is the author of Health Care Cost Containment.

Daniel M. Fox is president of the Milbank Memorial Fund. He has written on the history of medicine, health affairs, and public policy. Mr. Fox is the author of Health Politics, Health Policies: The Experience of Britain and America 1911–1965 and, with Elizabeth Fee, is the coeditor of the forthcoming book, AIDS: The Making of a Chronic Disease.

Rudolf Klein is professor of social policy and director of the Center for the Analysis of Social Policy at the School of Social Sciences, University of Bath, England. He has been a careful student of the role of regulation in social policy resource allocation and rationing in the National Health Service and of comparative social and health policy. Mr. Klein is author, with Neal Carter and Patricia Day, of How Organizations Measure Success.

Kenneth G. Manton is research professor in the Center for Demographic Studies at Duke University. He is involved in the study of long-term care, aging populations, and health forecasting. Mr. Manton is author of “A Multivariate Event History Model Based upon Fuzzy States: Estimation from Longitudinal Surveys with Informative Non- Response,” which was published in the Journal of Official Statistics.

David Mechanic is director and René Dubos Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the Institute of Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research at Rutgers University. His current research interests center on national health care policy, the organization and financing of mental health care, and the behavioral aspects of health. Mr. Mechanic is author of “Recent Developments in Mental Health Perspectives and Services,” which appeared in the Annual Review of Public Health.

Dorothy Nelkin is University Professor at New York University. She is a sociologist whose work has been devoted to the study of genetics and popular culture, and the sociology of science and medicine. Ms. Nelkin is the author of the forthcoming title, The Animal Rights Crusade.

Rosemary Stevens is dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania and has written on the history of medicine. Her most recent book is In Sickness and In Health.

Daniel Wikler is professor in the program in medical ethics at the University of Wisconsin Medical School and professor in the university’s Department of Philosophy. In the area of health policy, he concentrates professionally on medical ethics and ethical issues in reproduction. Mr. Wikler is writing a series of studies on public understanding and medical perspectives on the beginnings and end of life.

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