Developing Tomorrow’s Integrated Community Health Systems: A Leadership Challenge for Public Health and Primary Care

As the nation’s health system moves away from earlier models to one grounded in population health and market-based systems of care, new challenges arise for public health professionals, primary care practitioners, health plan and institutional managers, and community leaders. Among the challenges are the need to develop creative concepts of organization and accountability and to assure that dynamic, system-oriented structures support the new kind of leadership that is required. Developing tomorrow’s integrated community health systems will challenge the leadership skills and integrative abilities of public health professionals, primary care practitioners, and managers. These leaders and their new organizations must, in turn, assume increased accountability for improving community health.

Author(s): William E. Welton; Theodore A. Kantner; Sheila Moriber Katz

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Volume 75, Issue 2 (pages 261–288)
DOI: 10.1111/1468-0009.00054
Published in 1997