Active Life among the Elderly in the United States: Multistate Life-Table Estimates and Population Projections

Calculations of multistate life expectancy not only measure how long a population may live beyond a certain age, but also what fractions of this continuing lifetime will be spent in an independent or dependent status. Many Americans aged 70 and over are leading long, active lives; large numbers of individuals who become dependent, moreover, do so temporarily and return to independent status. Men and women have disparate total and active life expectancies, however, reflecting differential survival patterns and varying rates of transition among statuses. Policy makers must consider the increased size of the future elderly population, and changes in its age composition and functional status, when planning relevant health services.

Author(s): Richard G. Rogers; Andrei Rogers; Alain Belanger

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Volume 67, Issue 3 (pages 370–411)
Published in 1989