The Reforming States Group is a bipartisan, voluntary, self-governing group of state health policy leaders from both the executive and legislative branches that was established by the Milbank Memorial Fund in 1992.

The more than 100 state health policy leaders who comprise the Reforming States Group (RSG) gather regularly to share information, develop professional networks, and work on solutions to pressing problems in health care—all while using the best available evidence and experience to improve population health. What makes the network distinct is its collaborative, non-partisan atmosphere. Its members include staff from both the executive and legislative branches, from both parties, from all regions across the country. To quote a member, the RSG offers state health policy leaders a home where they can safely learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. Along with convening, the RSG supports state-to-state technical assistance and commissions projects that can lead to additional meetings or publications.

The RSG Steering Committee fosters the following interests and qualities in all members:

  1. Population health improvement
  2. Leadership
  3. Evidence-informed health policymaking
  4. Inquisitiveness
  5. A desire to make an impact
  6. Collegiality/bipartisanship
  7. Engagement

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