Enhancing Policymaking Skills

The Milbank Memorial Fund (MMF) is committed to improving the ability of state health policymakers to make informed decisions that improve the health of the populations they serve. Along with our partner, the Center for Evidence-based Policy at Oregon Health & Science University, a national leader in evidence-based decision making and policy design, we offer several tools for policymakers.

One of these tools, 6 Questions Policymakers Can Ask When Presented with Evidence, provides state leaders with questions to ask when thinking about evidence or when advocates present them with evidence.

Evidence-Informed Health Policy Workshop

Taught by the Center for Evidence-based Policy, these workshops for state policymakers and staff address the types of research evidence available and how to use them. Participants learn how to find relevant research, how to evaluate the quality of the research found, and how to apply the research to policy.

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Reforming States Group Resource Library

logo_rsg-2-2The resource library enables Reforming States Group (RSG) members and other state leaders to share information with one another on health policy issues. The resource library was created in response to RSG members’ requests to put information in a central, easy-to-access location.

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MMF State Technical Assistance

The MMF supports technical assistance meetings for states. These peer-to-peer information sessions usually involve policymakers from states with common challenges in specific areas of health care coming together to learn from states with effective and successful programs on that topic.

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