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What’s New

  • Medicaid Coverage of Inpatient Mental Health Care: State Policy Options

    Nov 14, 2019

    A new report copublished by the Milbank Memorial Fund and the Kaiser Family Foundation looks at four options states have for accessing federal Medicaid funds for enrollees receiving certain inpatient services provided by “institutions for mental disease” or IMDs, to help them meet the demand for mental health treatment. Read more

Milbank Blogs

  • “This Is Incredibly Motivating to Me”

    Nov 5, 2019 | Christopher F. Koller, President

    In his latest “The View from Here” blog post, Milbank Memorial Fund President Christopher F. Koller explains that good leadership involves reflection and self awareness. Milbank’s Emerging Leaders Program asks participants to ask themselves, “Why do this work?” The answers are often motivating, even at a divisive time like this one. Read more

States Tackling Health Care System Transformation with Federal Support

In the first of a new Milbank Memorial Fund series, Research Into Practice, Jennifer Lloyd et al. discuss three Milbank Quarterly articles that address whether state government is an effective agent for transforming health care systems within the United States. The brief is the first in a series that aims to make the research findings from Milbank Quarterly studies and their policy implications more accessible to policymakers and practitioners.

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  • Early View


    Shareholders, Stakeholders, and US Health Care

    November 2019 | John E. McDonough

    Last summer, The Business Roundtable, the nonprofit association of CEOs of major US companies, issued a statement calling the interests of workers, customers, communities, and other stakeholders as important as the interests of a company’s shareholders. In a new Opinion, Harvard University’s John E. McDonough says the change is noteworthy. Yet he observes that only 11 of the 183 CEOs who signed the statement head organizations in the health sector. Read more

  • Early View


    Medicaid’s Heavy Lift

    November 2019 | Heidi L. Allen

    Medicaid has been under pressure for decades to show that it improves health outcomes, and this scrutiny has only increased with the current Medicaid expansion debate. In an early view opinion, new contributing writer Heidi Allen of Columbia University’s School of Social Work explains that Medicaid also faces problems related to stigma, and the fact it is funded by state tax dollars pits it against other policy sectors like education. Read more

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