Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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The Latest from The Milbank Memorial Fund

  1. No appointments available: America’s escalating primary care shortage

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  2. Dannette Smith: Leading and Listening as She Advances State Social and Health Services 

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  3. Recommendations for a Standardized State Methodology to Measure Clinical Behavioral Health Spending

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  4. The Role of State Health Agencies in Disaggregating Latino Patients’ Data 

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  5. State Health Care Cost Growth Target Values

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  6. Collaborating to Spotlight Health Care Cost Drivers and Solutions

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Latest Milbank Quarterly Issue Released:  March 2024

  1. From the Editor

    In the March 2024 Issue of the Quarterly

    By:  Alan B. Cohen

    After celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Milbank Quarterly in 2023, we begin the process of plotting the journal’s next century with an… More

  2. Early View Perspective

    Asking MultiCrit Questions: A Reflexive and Critical Framework to Promote Health Data Equity for the Multiracial Population

    By:  Tracy Lam-Hine Sarah Forthal Candice Y. Johnson Helen B. Chin

    Racial inequities in health and well-being began in the United States with colonization and slavery and have persisted as direct consequences of… More

  3. Early View Perspective

    Keeping It Political and Powerful: Defining the Structural Determinants of Health

    By:  Jonathan C. Heller Marjory L. Givens Sheri P. Johnson David A. Kindig

    When the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Commission on the Social Determinants of Health (CSDH) published their framework for the social… More

  4. Early View Perspective

    Overcoming Common Anxieties in Knowledge Translation: Advice for Scholarly Issue Advocates

    By:  Paul Kershaw Verena Rossa-Roccor

    Faced with urgent threats to human health and well-being such as climate change, calls among the academic community are getting louder to contribute… More

  5. Early View Perspective

    Policy Interventions to Enhance Medical Care for People With Obesity in the United States—Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Directions

    By:  James René Jolin Minsoo Kwon Elizabeth Brock Jonathan Chen Aisha Kokan Ryan Murdock Fatima Cody Stanford

    Health policymakers have insufficiently addressed care for people with obesity (body mass index [BMI] ≥ 30 kg/m2) in the United States. Current… More

  6. Early View Perspective

    Revising the Logic Model Behind Health Care’s Social Care Investments

    By:  Laura M. Gottlieb Danielle Hessler Holly Wing Alejandra Gonzalez-Rocha Yuri Cartier Caroline Fichtenberg

    Over the last decade, health care sector activities related to identifying and addressing patients’ social drivers of health have graduated from… More

The Milbank Quarterly Opinion

10 Ways to Better Understand How Shifting State Policy Contexts Affect Americans’ Health

Ten ways to accelerate research on the role that the seismic shifts in states’ policy contexts may have played in the troubling trends and growing disparities in Americans’ health.  More
Jennifer Karas Montez

Jennifer Karas Montez

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Reeling Through the Years – Part 2

In my last Opinion piece, I discussed the theory that many diseases typical of our advanced years are actually different manifestations of a single…  More
Dalton Conley

Dalton Conley

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What SCOTUS’s Affirmative Action Ruling Reveals

The Supreme Court’s June 29, 2023, ruling that affirmative action in the admissions processes at Harvard College and the University of North…  More

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