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  • Public Health Can Help Older Americans Live Healthy and Independent Lives

    Aug 22, 2019 | John Auerbach, Terry Fulmer

    John Auerbach, president and CEO of Trust for America’s Health, and Terry Fulmer, president of The John A. Hartford Foundation on their “Framework for Creating Age-Friendly Public Health Systems,” which describes five key roles for public health departments across the country. Read more

States Tackling Health Care System Transformation with Federal Support

In the first of a new Milbank Memorial Fund series, Research Into Practice, Jennifer Lloyd et al. discuss three Milbank Quarterly articles that address whether state government is an effective agent for transforming health care systems within the United States. The brief is the first in a series that aims to make the research findings from Milbank Quarterly studies and their policy implications more accessible to policymakers and practitioners.

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  • Early View

    Milbank Quarterly Classic

    Organizing Care for Patients With Chronic Illness Revisited

    August 2019 | Edward H. Wagner

    This month, The Milbank Quarterly introduces a new series of Milbank Quarterly Classics. These were landmark articles when originally published by the journal over the course of its 97-year history that continue to resonate today with lessons for contemporary policymakers and practitioners. We are first recognizing “Organizing Care for Patients with Chronic Illness,” a 1996 article by Edward Wagner, Brian Austin, and Michael Von Korff that outlined a chronic care model for treating individuals with chronic illnesses. Read more

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    Original Scholarship

    An Adaptive, Contextual, Technology-Aided Support (ACTS) System for Chronic Illness Self-Management

    August 2019 | Russell E. Glasgow, Amy G. Huebschmann, Alex H. Krist, Frank V. DeGruy, III

    New research by University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Russell Glasgow and colleagues builds upon the chronic care model to create an integrated, patient-directed system that takes greater account of a patient’s life, such as the degree of available support in the home, work, and primary care settings. Read more

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