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  1. Engaging Staff to Be Equity-Minded: A Conversation with Public Sector Leaders

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  2. Maintaining Strategic Vision During COVID-19: A Conversation with Public Sector Leaders

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  3. Telebehavioral Health: An Effective Alternative to In-Person Care

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  4. Lessons from State COVID-19 Policy Narratives

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  5. Strong Primary Care Could Help the US Prevent a Twindemic

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  6. Employers Paying More than Twice What Medicare Pays for Hospital Care: What Can Policymakers and Payers Do About It?

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New Milbank Quarterly Issue Released:  September 2020

  1. Early View Original Scholarship

    Dark Nudges and Sludge in Big Alcohol: Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Biases, and Alcohol Industry Corporate Social Responsibility

    By:  Mark Petticrew Nason Maani Luisa Pettigrew Harry Rutter May CI Van Schalkwyk

    Context: “Nudges” and other behavioral economic approaches exploit common cognitive biases (systematic errors in thought processes) in order to… More

  2. Early View Original Scholarship

    Midwifery and Birth Centers Under State Medicaid Programs: Current Limits to Beneficiary Access to a High‐Value Model of Care

    By:  Brigette Courtot Ian Hill Caitlin Cross-Barnet Jenny Markell

    Context: Midwifery care, particularly when offered through birth centers, has shown promise in both improving pregnancy outcomes and containing costs.… More

  3. Perspective

    Well-Being in the Nation: A Living Library of Measures to Drive Multi-Sector Population Health Improvement and Address Social Determinants

    By:  Somava Saha Bruce B. Cohen Julia Nagy Marianne E. McPherson Robert Phillips

    The past five years has seen a substantial increase in initiatives and activities that foster community-level multisector collaboration to advance… More

  4. Original Scholarship

    US State Policies, Politics, and Life Expectancy

    By:  Jennifer Karas Montez Jason Beckfield Julene Kemp Cooney Jacob M. Grumbach Mark D. Hayward Huseyin Zeyd Koytak Steven H. Woolf Anna Zajacova

    Context: Life expectancy in the United States has increased little in previous decades, declined in recent years, and become more unequal across US… More

  5. Original Scholarship

    Power and Purchasing: Why Strategic Purchasing Fails

    By:  Scott L. Greer Katarzyna Klasa Ewout van Ginneken

    Context: Strategic purchasing of health care has been a popular policy idea around the world for decades, with advocates claiming that it can lead to… More

  6. Original Scholarship

    Savings or Selection? Initial Spending Reductions in the Medicare Shared Savings Program and Considerations for Reform

    By:  J. Michael McWilliams Laura A. Hatfield Bruce E. Landon Michael E. Chernew

    Context: The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) establishes incentives for participating accountable care organizations (ACOs) to lower spending… More

  7. Perspective

    COVID-19 and Underinvestment in the Public Health Infrastructure of the United States

    By:  Nason Maani Sandro Galea

    Nason Maani and Sandro Galea of the Boston University School of Public Health discuss the impact of cuts in public health funding and gaps in the organization of US public health. More

The Milbank Quarterly Opinion

A Master of Health Policy: Remembering the Incomparable Contributions of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It goes without saying that United States Supreme Court Justices are transcendently skilled lawyers. Indeed, there is no higher recognition of legal…  More
Sara Rosenbaum

Sara Rosenbaum

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The Health of the Child and COVID-19

In my basement office, visible over my shoulder in my daily video calls, is a framed print of the famous World War I poster entitled, “The health of…  More
Joshua M. Sharfstein

Joshua M. Sharfstein

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America Must Work with Its Southern Neighbors to Fight the COVID Pandemic

Thus far, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken more than 200,000 lives in the United States. In this frightening time, Americans understandably are focused…  More

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