Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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The Latest from The Milbank Memorial Fund

  1. A Step Forward for Health Care Market Oversight: Oregon Health Authority’s Health Care Market Oversight Program

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  2. Primary Care Deep in the Heart of Texas

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  3. The Rising Profile of Health Care Cost Growth Target Programs

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  4. How Regional Health Hubs Can Improve Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries: Lessons from the Garden State

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  5. The Health of US Primary Care: A Baseline Scorecard Tracking Support for High-Quality Primary Care

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  6. First National Primary Care Scorecard Reveals a Health Care Sector in Peril

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New Milbank Quarterly Issue Released:  December 2022

  1. From the Editor

    In the December 2022 Issue of the Quarterly

    By:  Alan B. Cohen

    For 100 years, the Milbank Quarterly has been a respected presence among the leading scholarly journals in the fields of public health and health… More

  2. Original Scholarship

    Patient Identification of Diagnostic Safety Blindspots and Participation in “Good Catches” Through Shared Visit Notes 

    By:  Sigall K. Bell Fabienne Bourgeois Joe Dong Alex Gillespie Long H. Ngo Tom W. Reader Eric J. Thomas Catherine M. DesRoches

    Context: Policy shifts toward health information transparency provide a new opportunity for patients to contribute to diagnostic safety. We… More

  3. Original Scholarship

    CMS Initiative to Reduce Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations Among Long-Stay Nursing Facility Residents: Lessons Learned

    By:  Denise A. Tyler Zhanlian Feng David C. Grabowski Lawren Bercaw Micah Segelman Galina Khatutsky Joyce Wang Angela Gasdaska Melvin J. Inger

    Context: In 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services implemented the Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations Among Nursing… More

  4. Perspective

    A Policy Approach to Reducing Low-Value Device-Based Procedure Use

    By:  Sanket S. Dhruva Marcus A. Bachhuber Ashwin Shetty Hayden Guidry Vinay Guduguntla Rita F. Redberg

    Ideally, medical care is based on diagnostics and treatments for health conditions that have evidence that their benefits outweigh any potential… More

  5. Original Scholarship

    What Explains Changes in Availability of Specialty Mental Health Services in Organized Settings?

    By:  Helen Newton Jennifer Humensky Howard Goldman Susan H. Busch

    Context: Community mental health facilities often do not offer the full range of evidence-based clinical and support services for individuals with… More

  6. Original Scholarship

    Development and Implementation of State and Federal Child Welfare Laws Related to Drug Use in Pregnancy

    By:  Alexander D. McCourt Sarah A. White Sachini Bandara Theo Schall Daisy J. Goodman Esita Patel Emma E. McGinty

    Context: Amid increasing drug use among pregnant individuals, legislators have pursued policies intended to reduce substance use during pregnancy.… More

The Milbank Quarterly Opinion

Just and Ethical Study Designs in the Opioid Epidemic

As intervention researchers, what do we owe our most vulnerable, most socially marginalized study subjects? These men and women confront the ravages…  More

Protecting Contraceptive Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: The Biden Administration Tries Again

On February 2, 2023, the Biden administration published a proposed rule that represents the latest chapter in a long-running war over the Affordable Care Act’s guarantee of free contraceptive coverage .  More
Sara Rosenbaum

Sara Rosenbaum

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Cybersecurity Is Increasingly Important for Business—and for Health Care

Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of business networks, data, and devices from cybersecurity intrusion has become a requirement in today’s business environment.  It is especially important to be vigilant in protecting the end users who typically are the easiest point of entry.   More
Gail R. Wilensky

Gail R. Wilensky

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