Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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The Latest from The Milbank Memorial Fund

  1. Fund Names Morgan McDonald National Director for Population Health and Health Equity Leadership

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  2. How Policymakers’ Personal Stories Inspire Their State Service: A Conversation with Della Au Belatti and Vincent Pinkney

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  3. The Milbank Medicaid Transformation Network: Collaborating to Improve Primary Care

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  4. A Step Forward for Health Care Market Oversight: Oregon Health Authority’s Health Care Market Oversight Program

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  5. Primary Care Deep in the Heart of Texas

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  6. The Rising Profile of Health Care Cost Growth Target Programs

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Latest Milbank Quarterly Issue Released:  December 2022

  1. From the Editor

    In the March 2023 Issue of the Quarterly

    By:  Alan B. Cohen

    With this issue, the Milbank Quarterly enters its 101st year of publication. Few scholarly journals have enjoyed such longevity, and we are gratified… More

  2. Original Scholarship

    A Conceptual Framework for Optimizing the Equity of Hospital-Based Emergency Care: The Structure of Hospital Transfer Networks

    By:  Charleen Hsuan Brendan G. Carr David Vanness Andrew Wang Douglas L. Leslie Eleanor Dunham Jeannette A. Rogowski

    Context: Emergency care includes two key components: initial stabilization and transfer to a higher level of care. Significant work has focused on… More

  3. Original Scholarship

    Have States Reduced Obesity by Legislating More Physical Activity in Elementary School?

    By:  Paul T. von Hippel David E. Frisvold

    Context: To control childhood obesity, leading medical organizations have recommended increasing the time that children spend in physical education… More

  4. Perspective

    Strengthening the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s Approach to Constructing Alternative Payment Models

    By:  Joseph T. Kannarkat Soleil Shah Natasha Parekh Francis J. Crosson

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) seeks to develop evidence-based alternative payment models (APM) to improve health care quality… More

  5. Original Scholarship

    Who Delivers Maternal and Child Health Services? The Contributions of Public Health and Other Community Partners

    By:  Taryn A. G. Quinlan Amelia L. Mitchell Glen P. Mays

    Context: Improving maternal and child health (MCH) care in the United States requires solutions to address care access and the social determinants… More

  6. Perspective

    Popular…to a Point: The Enduring Political Challenges of the Public Option

    By:  Adrianna McIntyre Robert J. Blendon John M. Benson Mary G. Findling Eric C. Schneider

    In an increasingly polarized era, one health reform policy stands out for its apparent popularity among both Democrats and Republicans: a public health insurance plan intended to compete alongside private health insurance products (the so-called “public option”). More

The Milbank Quarterly Opinion

“The Most Disquieting Voices … From Perfectly Respectable Elements of Society”: Monsanto Attacks the Academy

A recent set of lawsuits against the Monsanto Corporation by local and state governments to get the company to clean up the mess it made of waterways and local schools with polychlorinated hydrocarbons (PCB) pollution has led to efforts by the company to silence scientists who have served as expert witnesses for plaintiffs.  More
David Rosner

David Rosner

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Just and Ethical Study Designs in the Opioid Epidemic

As intervention researchers, what do we owe our most vulnerable, most socially marginalized study subjects? These men and women confront the ravages…  More

Protecting Contraceptive Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: The Biden Administration Tries Again

On February 2, 2023, the Biden administration published a proposed rule that represents the latest chapter in a long-running war over the Affordable Care Act’s guarantee of free contraceptive coverage .  More
Sara Rosenbaum

Sara Rosenbaum

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  • Milbank State Leadership Network

    The Milbank State Leadership Network is a bipartisan, voluntary, self-governing group of state health policy leaders from both the executive and legislative branches.

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  • Multipayer Primary Care Network

    The Multipayer Primary Care Network is a voluntary group of leaders who are representatives of state- or region-based, multipayer, primary care transformation initiatives.

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    The Emerging Leaders Program seeks to develop practical, hands-on leadership skills in future senior executive and legislative officials.

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    The Milbank Fellows Program (MFP) is a one-year leadership program for executive branch and senior legislative state government leaders committed to improving population health in their communities.

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