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  • First Group Completes Milbank Memorial Fund Leadership Program

    Jul 31, 2017

    The first group of state officials to participate in the Milbank Memorial Fund’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) completed the interactive course in late June at an in-person meeting held in Sacramento, California. The program, developed in 2015 by the Fund and its Reforming States Group (RSG), is designed to bring together individuals from the executive and legislative branches of state … Read more

Blog: The View from Here

  • Getting More Primary Care Oriented: Measuring Primary Care Spending

    Jul 31, 2017 | Christopher F. Koller, President

    We all have our obsessions. Many are best not shared, although sometimes airing them is helpful, especially when they are informed by research. One of my persistent professional preoccupations is the US health care system’s stubborn aversion to orient itself to the fundamental importance of primary care. Fortunately, I am not alone in being somewhat haunted by this issue—and a new report by … Read more

  • Featured Article

    Timing and Characteristics of Cumulative Evidence Available on Novel Therapeutic Agents Receiving Food and Drug Administration Accelerated Approval

    Huseyin Naci, Olivier J. Wouters, Radhika Gupta, John P.A. Ioannidis

    What is the clinical evidence on therapeutic agents that treat serious conditions and are eligible for Food and Drug Administration accelerated approval? This study is the first to provide a systematic evaluation of the evidence on drugs receiving this type of approval between 2000 and 2013. These drugs often quickly become part of standard treatment, despite shortcomings in their evidence base. Read more

  • Consumer Perspectives on Access to Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Role of Demographic Factors and the Testing Experience

    Sarah E. Gollust, Stacy W. Gray, Deanna Alexis Carere, Barbara A. Koenig, Lisa Soleymani Lehmann, Amy L. McGuire, Richard R. Sharp, Kayte Spector-Bagdady, Na Wang, Robert C. Green, J. Scott Roberts, for the PGEN Study Group

    In mid-April, 23andMe received FDA approval to sell tests for 10 genetic conditions. As the New York Times reported in May, the tests are now creating problems for insurers who have no way of knowing the results. Researchers found that the majority of consumers supported expanded access to genetic testing services and oppose additional regulation, while those who had a negative experience were less supportive of expanded availability without a medical professional. Read more

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