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  • A Better Way to Contain Medicaid Costs

    Jun 13, 2019

    The Tennessee legislature recently passed a bill that could make it the first state to request a Medicaid block grant. Under a block grant, Tennessee would receive a fixed annual sum from the federal government for its Medicaid program rather than open-ended federal dollars. But John Kitzhaber, MD, former governor of Oregon, and Bruce Goldberg, MD, former director of the Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research, say that this approach does nothing to reduce the cost of care and hurts Medicaid recipients. Read more

Blog: The View from Here

  • Putting Primary Care First?

    May 31, 2019 | Christopher F. Koller, President

    With the release of its new primary care payment models last month, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) continues to act on the abundant evidence showing that a strong health care delivery system must be built on high-performing primary care. Whether these models will prove successful will depend in part on how much assistance primary care physicians need in efforts to … Read more

States Tackling Health Care System Transformation with Federal Support

In the first of a new Milbank Memorial Fund series, Research Into Practice, Jennifer Lloyd et al. discuss three Milbank Quarterly articles that address whether state government is an effective agent for transforming health care systems within the United States. The brief is the first in a series that aims to make the research findings from Milbank Quarterly studies and their policy implications more accessible to policymakers and practitioners.

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  • Early View


    Investing in Primary Care and Dismantling Fee-For-Service

    May 2019 | K. John McConnell

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently unveiled its “Primary Cares Initiative,” which it describes as its biggest effort to replace fee-for-service payment and transform primary care delivery Read more

  • Original Scholarship

    Normalizing Tobacco? The Politics of Trade, Investment, and Tobacco Control

    May 2019 | Holly Jarman

    Public health advocates have used tobacco industry “denormalization,” or portraying tobacco product manufacturers as a deadly industry, to develop tobacco-control policies around the world. For this article, the author found that the tobacco companies were able to threaten regulations through international trade and investment laws because these laws treat tobacco firms like other commercial interests. Read more

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