Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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The Latest from The Milbank Memorial Fund

  1. Grace for the Gaps 

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  2. Integrating Health Equity into Health Cost Containment Efforts 

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  3. New U.S. Health and Human Services Brief on Primary Care Offers Commitments but Leaves Questions Unanswered 

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  4. Improving Access to Primary Care for Underserved Populations: A Review of Findings from Five Case Studies and Recommendations

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  5. Introducing Health Equity Analysis into State Review of Most Proposed Health Facility Changes 

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  6. Leveraging Health Care Cost and Affordability Data: A Suite of Analytic Resources 

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Latest Milbank Quarterly Issue Released:  September 2023

  1. Early View Original Scholarship

    Caught Between a Well-Intentioned State and a Hostile Federal System: Local Implementation of Inclusive Immigrant Policies

    By:  Maria-Elena De Trinidad Young Sharon Tafolla Fabiola M. Perez-Lua

    The tensions among state immigrant policies, local immigration climates, and federal policy changes indicate that state immigrant policies are not implemented equally across state communities, resulting in challenges and limited benefits from policies for many immigrant communities. More

  2. Early View Original Scholarship

    Association Between Partisan Affiliation of State Governments and State Mortality Rates Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    By:  Steven H. Woolf Roy T. Sabo Derek A. Chapman Jong Hyung Lee

    Context: Increasing polarization of states reached a high point during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the party affiliation of elected officials often… More

  3. Early View Original Scholarship

    Improving Food and Drug Administration–Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Coordination for Drugs Granted Accelerated Approval

    By:  Peter J. Neumann Elliott Crummer James D. Chambers Sean R. Tunis

    Context: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s accelerated-approval pathway expedites patient access to promising treatments. However,… More

  4. Early View Original Scholarship

    Building High-Performing Primary Care Systems: After a Decade of Policy Change, Is Canada “Walking the Talk?”

    By:  Monica Aggarwal Brian Hutchison Reham Abdelhalim G. Ross Baker

    Context: Despite significant investments to transform primary care, Canada lags behind its peers in providing timely access to regular doctors or… More

  5. Early View Original Scholarship

    Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Flexibilities and Public Health: Implementation of Compulsory Licensing Provisions into National Patent Legislation

    By:  Lauren McGivern

    Although it will not fully solve patent barriers to the access of medicines, implementation of compulsory licensing (and specifically those for the import and export of pharmaceutical products) will provide governments with another tool to safeguard their population’s public health. More

The Milbank Quarterly Opinion

What Might a Second Trump Administration Mean for US Health Policy?

National and state polls are still early and close regarding the 2024 presidential race between likely nominees President Joe Biden and former…  More
John E. McDonough

John E. McDonough

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Screening for Housing Needs — Or Preventing Them?

It is no longer novel to point out that housing has substantial impacts on health. Housing quality influences exposure to health harms like lead,…  More

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