Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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Improving population health and health equity by connecting leaders with experience and sound evidence

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The Latest from The Milbank Memorial Fund

  1. New Health Equity Impact Assessment Law in New York Beginning to Show Results 

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  2. Primary Care in the Crosshairs of Market Structure Changes 

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  3. Health Care Spending in Rhode Island Stayed Under Growth Target

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  4. Outrunning the Beasts of Hell: How One Community Hospital Avoided the Fallout of Private Equity’s Investments in Health Care

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  5. Defining the State Role in Primary Care Reform

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  6. It Takes Two to Tango: Creating an Effective State–Federal Partnership for Primary Care Reform

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Latest Milbank Quarterly Issue Released:  March 2024

  1. Early View Original Scholarship

    Impacts of State-Level Opioid Review Programs on Injured Workers and Their Health Care Providers: A Qualitative Study in Washington and Ohio

    By:  Tasleem J. Padamsee Courtni Montgomery Stefan Kienzle Jeremy B. Straughn Andrea Elmore Deborah L. Fulton-Kehoe Beryl Schulman Thomas M. Wickizer Gary M. Franklin

    Context: Unsafe prescribing practices have been among the central causes of improper reception of opioids, unsafe use, and overdose in the United… More

  2. From the Editor

    In the June 2024 Issue of the Quarterly

    By:  Alan B. Cohen

    In this issue of the Quarterly, readers will find eight Perspectives and three original scholarship articles on an assortment of topics, including:… More

  3. Early View Original Scholarship

    Experiences and Interest in Value-Based Payment Arrangements for Medical Products Among Medicaid Agencies: An Exploratory Analysis

    By:  Beena Bhuiyan Khan Victoria Gemme Ethan Chupp Aparna Higgins Corinna Sorenson

    Context: To date, uptake of value-based payment (VBP) arrangements for medical products and knowledge of their design and impact have been mainly… More

  4. Early View Perspective

    Regulating Laboratory Tests: What Framework Would Best Support Safety and Validity?

    By:  Caroline Horrow Aaron S. Kesselheim

    The dangers of faulty laboratory tests have been highlighted recently because of reporting on the collapse of Theranos owing to fraudulent claims… More

  5. Early View Original Scholarship

    The Legal Landscape for Opioid Treatment Agreements

    By:  Larisa Svirsky Dana Howard Martin Fried Nathan Richards Nicole Thomas Patricia J. Zettler

    Context: Opioid treatment agreements (OTAs) are documents that clinicians present to patients when prescribing opioids that describe the risks of… More

  6. Original Scholarship

    Changing US Support for Public Health Data Uses through Pandemic and Political Turmoil

    By:  Cason Schmit Brian Larson Thomas Tanabe Mahin Ramezani Qi Zheng Hye-Chung Kum

    Context: Recent legislative privacy efforts have not included special provisions for public health data use. Although past studies documented support… More

The Milbank Quarterly Opinion

Health Equity Research in Population Health: Building the Necessary Workforce

Civil rights and health equity advocates in the allied fields of population health have worked for decades to get more funding and attention for…  More
David H. Rehkopf

David H. Rehkopf

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A Vote for Health

It is well established that politics, and the mechanisms of political action, have an important impact on the health of populations. The very…  More
Sandro Galea

Sandro Galea

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Measles: Forecasting the Next Decade in the United States

The next decade will be a critical window to prevent measles from regaining a foothold.   More

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