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  1. Leveraging Trust in Primary Care to Promote Behavior Change During COVID-19

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  2. Developing Sustainable Community Health Worker Career Paths

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  3. The Role of Paid Leave During COVID-19: What Has Been the Impact and How Do We Move Forward?

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  4. H. Jack Geiger and the Power of Health Care to Transform Lives and Communities

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  5. A City Maintains H. Jack Geiger’s Commitment to Community

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  6. How Are Payment Reforms Addressing Social Determinants of Health? Policy Implications and Next Steps

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New Milbank Quarterly Issue Released:  December 2020

  1. Original Scholarship

    Midwifery and Birth Centers Under State Medicaid Programs: Current Limits to Beneficiary Access to a High‐Value Model of Care

    By:  Brigette Courtot Ian Hill Caitlin Cross-Barnet Jenny Markell

    Context: Midwifery care, particularly when offered through birth centers, has shown promise in both improving pregnancy outcomes and containing costs.… More

  2. Early View Perspective

    Allocating a COVID-19 Vaccine: Balancing National and International Responsibilities

    By:  Reidar K. Lie Franklin G. Miller

    More than 100 vaccine candidates are now in development to prevent infection from SARS-CoV2 or serious disease from COVID-19; many have entered… More

  3. Original Scholarship

    A Commons for a Supply Chain in the Post‐COVID‐19 Era: The Case for a Reformed Strategic National Stockpile

    By:  Robert Handfield Daniel Joseph Finkenstadt Eugene S. Schneller A. Blanton Godfrey Peter Guinto

    Context: Much of the discussion about the failure of the COVID‐19 supply chain has centered on personal protective equipment (PPE) and the degree of… More

  4. Early View Original Scholarship

    Engaging Consumers in Medicaid Program Design: Strategies from the States

    By:  Jane M. Zhu Ruth Rowland Rose Gunn Sarah E. Gollust David T. Grande

    Context: Consumer engagement early in the process of health care policymaking may improve the effectiveness of program planning and implementation,… More

  5. Early View Perspective

    Population Health Science: Fulfilling the Mission of Public Health

    By:  Frederick J. Zimmerman

    The United States is failing in population health. Life expectancy in the United States is falling for the first time since reliable mortality records… More

The Milbank Quarterly Opinion

Expanding Congress Will Lead to Better Politics and Better Health Policy

The 2022 midterm elections already loom large over the Biden administration and Congressional allies. What the administration is able to accomplish…  More
David K. Jones

David K. Jones

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Sustainability as a Watchword for a New Era

President Joe Biden hopes to husband a new administration and, perhaps, a new politico-economic era distinct from that of President Donald Trump and…  More
John E. McDonough

John E. McDonough

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Toward a Two-Dimensional Conception of Socioeconomic Status for Health Policy

If we have (re-)learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that any new health shock is borne differentially by those of different…  More
Dalton Conley

Dalton Conley

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Building Back Better

Nursing Home Residents and Workers Need More than COVID-19 Vaccinations

As increasing numbers of nursing home residents and workers receive the COVID-19 vaccines, it will be too tempting to say, “Great! That takes care…  More

Building Back a Better Medicare Program

Every US administration since 1966 has had to engage in Medicare policymaking. The program covers 61 million elderly and disabled Americans, accounts…  More

Long-Term Care Reforms Should Begin With Paid Home Care Providers

Long-term care needs are high in the United States and are expected to grow. Yet, universal coverage of long-term care did not occur with health care…  More

Building Back Better

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