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  • State Health Policy Leadership: More Perspiration than Innovation

    Oct 11, 2019 | Judith Zimmer

    A couple of years ago, a graduate school professor with deep and senior health policy experience at the state and federal levels looked at me with  raised eyebrows and asked, “Does state health policy even matter?” He was being provocative, implying that federal policies, large socio-economic factors, and parochial politics could all swamp the well-intentioned efforts of earnest … Read more

States Tackling Health Care System Transformation with Federal Support

In the first of a new Milbank Memorial Fund series, Research Into Practice, Jennifer Lloyd et al. discuss three Milbank Quarterly articles that address whether state government is an effective agent for transforming health care systems within the United States. The brief is the first in a series that aims to make the research findings from Milbank Quarterly studies and their policy implications more accessible to policymakers and practitioners.

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  • Early View


    New Drugs, New Ideas: Payment Policy Innovations for High-Cost Pharmaceuticals

    October 2019 | Brian J. Miller, Gail R. Wilensky

    To contain the prices of high-cost biologics, Miller and Wilensky propose use of either a reference price—based on “standard of care therapy” as opposed to an international pricing index—or abbreviated exclusivity for drugs approved via the accelerated pathway. Read more

  • Early View


    Deaths of Despair: Lessons from the Vietnam Draft Lottery

    October 2019 | Dalton Conley, Tim Johnson

    Fifty years ago this December, the Vietnam Draft Lottery began, setting in motion a natural experiment that, according to Princeton University’s Dalton Conley and Willamette University’s Tim Johnson, has helped illuminate the causes of “deaths of despair” and other public health challenges. Read more

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