Supreme Court Decision

King v Burwell

The nation awaits a major Supreme Court decision involving the Affordable Care Act. The case focuses on five words.
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Founded in 1905, the Milbank Memorial Fund is one of the oldest foundations in the country with a long tradition of improving policy and practice in health.
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The Milbank Memorial Fund is an endowed operating foundation that works to improve the health of populations by connecting leaders and decision makers with the best available evidence and experience.
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Behavioral Health Integration

Behavioral Health Integration

How can policymakers improve health care delivery so that it better serves patients with serious mental illness? Our new report assesses the evidence.
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Family Planning Cost Benefit

We've known for a while that public investment in family planning pays off. A new Milbank Quarterly study reveals just how cost effective it really is.
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"Dear Governor-Elect: Some Health Policy Counsel"

"No health policy is in fact a health policy," writes Christopher Koller, President of the Milbank Memorial Fund, in a new blog post in Health Affairs, in which he offers newly elected governors advice on...

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The 2013 Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) recently adjusted The Milbank Quarterly’s 2013 Impact Factor score—and The Milbank Quarterly now has an impact factor of 5.391. In August, the Quarterly’s impact factor had gone up to 5.061.

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Take a look at our “Press” page for the past month and you’ll see that the Editor-in-Chief of The Milbank Quarterly, Howard Markel, MD, PhD, was very much in demand as an expert on epidemics and the social and medical uses of quarantine as it pertained to the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the United States. Professor Markel is an acclaimed social and cultural historian of medicine, public health, and epidemics...

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Milbank Quarterly Studies in the News

Family Planning Programs Save Taxpayers Billions of Dollars

This Early View Milbank Quarterly study, written by Jennifer Frost and colleagues at the Guttmacher Institute, looked at the impact and cost savings of family planning services delivered to publically supported individuals.

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More Older Americans Need Help with Daily Activities Than We Thought

Nearly half of elderly Medicare beneficiaries have difficulty performing daily routine activities without assistance, according to a Milbank Quarterly study published in September 2014.

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Christopher F. Koller
President of the
Milbank Memorial Fund

Ebola Mania and the Reality of Uncertainty

For state leaders, Ebola has been a “Pac-Man” issue—inexorably gobbling up resources and time and, like the disease itself, constantly threatening to break out of control. The public health response to the outbreak of a new and life-threatening infectious disease is complex; it involves unclear authority, necessitates changing policy responses, and guarantees lots of media attention. All in all, it’s a flammable brew for health policy.

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