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US Health Care Reform

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  • Quarterly Opinion

    Building a Movement at the 2023 US Anti-Monopoly Summit

    June 2023 John E. McDonough

    Has anti-monopoly become a bonafide political movement in the United States? About 300 persons who gathered at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC, on May 4th say yes. Representing diverse organizations and backgrounds, they assembled for a daylong exploration of progress in restoring an aggressive national effort to thwart corporate monopoly across the US economy. More

  • Quarterly Article

    A Population Health Impact Pyramid for Health Care

    April 2023 Philip M. Alberti Heather H. Pierce

    To meaningfully impact population health and health equity, health care organizations must take a multipronged approach that ranges from education to advocacy, recognizing that more impactful efforts are often more complex or resource intensive. More

  • Quarterly Article

    Popular…to a Point: The Enduring Political Challenges of the Public Option

    January 2023 Adrianna McIntyre Robert J. Blendon John M. Benson Mary G. Findling Eric C. Schneider

    In an increasingly polarized era, one health reform policy stands out for its apparent popularity among both Democrats and Republicans: a public health insurance plan intended to compete alongside private health insurance products (the so-called “public option”). More

  • Quarterly Article

    Hospital-at-Home: Multistakeholder Considerations for Program Dissemination and Scale

    September 2022 Kushal T. Kadakia Celynne A. Balatbat Albert L. Siu I. Glenn Cohen Consuelo H. Wilkins Victor J. Dzau Anaeze C. Offodile

    In 2019, US hospitals accounted for 36 million admissions and $1.2 trillion in spending (31% of national health expenditures). More

  • Quarterly Opinion

    Continuous Policy Improvement and the Inflation Reduction Act

    August 2022 John E. McDonough

    The newly signed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) can be seen as an exercise in continuous policy improvement involving two key parts of federal health law: Medicare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). More

  • Quarterly Article

    Participation, Pricing, and Enrollment in a Health Insurance “Public Option”: Evidence From Washington State’s Cascade Care Program

    November 2021 Aditi P. Sen Yashaswini Singh Mark K. Meiselbach Matthew D. Eisenberg Gerard F. Anderson

    Context: State and federal policymakers considering introduction of a health insurance “public option” can learn from Washington State, which… More

  • Quarterly Article

    A Playbook for Implementing Medicaid Expansion: Louisiana’s Experience

    October 2021 Will Boles Ruth Kennedy Emma Siewert Diane Rowland Barbara Lyons Rebekah E. Gee

    Twelve states have not yet expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. In a new Perspective, Will Boles of Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, along with Ruth Kennedy, Emma Siewert, Diane Rowland, Barbara Lyons, and Rebekah E. Gee, suggest that Louisiana can serve as a model for new Medicaid expansion states seeking to rapidly enroll people within a limited administrative budget. More

  • Quarterly Opinion

    Old Wine in a New Bottle—Time for a National Health Care Workforce Commission

    September 2021 John E. McDonough

    The massive shortcomings of the US health care delivery system have been strikingly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. One key shortcoming involves the nation’s health care workforce—physicians, nurses, mental health professionals, and many others. To address this challenge, President Biden and Congress should establish a national health care workforce commission. More

  • Quarterly Article

    Oral Health Stakeholders: A Time for Alignment and Action

    July 2021 Shenam Ticku Jane Barrow Ralph Fuccillo John E. McDonough

    The 2000 Surgeon General’s report identified the state of oral health in America as an issue of major concern, highlighting significant disparities… More

  • Quarterly Opinion

    The Affordable Care Act Lives On: Now It Must Be Strengthened and Expanded

    June 2021 Lawrence O. Gostin Alexandra Finch

    Lawrence O. Gostin and Alexandra Finch of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law and Georgetwon University explore why the Affordable Care Act must be strengthened and expanded. More