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    New Zealand’s Wellbeing Budget Invests in Population Health

    October 2019 Michael Mintrom

    Last May, New Zealand passed its first “Wellbeing Budget.” The budget marked a possible watershed moment for policymakers and others who, as Michael Mintrom of Monash University in Australia explains, support “the idea that financial prosperity alone is not a sufficient measure of the quality of a nation’s life.” Mintrom’s article is one of three opinions in a Milbank Quarterly Policy Forum on the budget. More

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    What Does a Wellbeing Budget Mean for Health and Health Care?

    October 2019 Ashley Bloomfield

    The New Zealand Government this year delivered a wellbeing budget focused on five priority areas—addressing mental health and addiction, improving… More

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    Putting Health at the Heart of National Policymaking: Learning from New Zealand

    October 2019 Sandro Galea Salma M. Abdalla

    The state of American health leaves much to be desired. Since 2015 there has been a consecutive three-year drop in life expectancy, last seen a… More