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  • Quarterly Article

    A Road Map to Rigor and Relevance in Pharmaceutical Policy Research

    March 2022 Julie Donohue, PhD

    In 1993, Stephen Soumerai and coauthors published “A Critical Analysis of Studies of State Drug Reimbursement Policies: Research in Need of… More

  • Quarterly Article

    On Planning for an Unimaginable Future

    June 2021 Georges C. Benjamin

    “Another influenza epidemic like that of 1918 is only one of a number of unforeseeable events which might profoundly affect public… More

  • Quarterly Article

    Reflections on the Five Laws of Integrating Medical and Social Services—21 Years Later

    December 2020 Stephen M. Shortell

    In 1999, Walter Leutz wrote a seminal article in The Milbank Quarterly on the need for and ways to better integrate medical and social services.1 He… More

  • Quarterly Article

    The (Still) Limited Contribution of Medical Measures to Declines in Mortality

    October 2020 David A. Kindig

    “Medical measures appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900.” Readers might assume… More

  • Quarterly Article

    Revisiting Compression of Morbidity and Health Disparities in the 21st Century

    August 2020 Paula M. Lantz

    “Compression of morbidity,” a notion introduced by physician James Fries in 1980, remains an important construct in aging and population health… More

  • Quarterly Article

    Detailing the Primary Care Imperative–Remembering Barbara Starfield

    April 2020 James M. Perrin

    Barbara Starfield built the field of primary care research and galvanized research and policy documenting the central importance of primary care in… More

  • The Basic Criterion of Public Health

    Quarterly Article

    The Basic Criterion of Public Health

    November 2019 Sandro Galea

    Although it has been 84 years since The Milbank Quarterly published Edgar Sydenstricker’s “The Changing Concept of Public Health,” the article’s emphasis on preventing poor health outcomes by bolstering economic security, safe and equitable housing conditions, and access to nutritious food and exercise remains as salient as ever. More

  • Organizing Care for Patients With Chronic Illness Revisited

    Quarterly Article

    Organizing Care for Patients With Chronic Illness Revisited

    August 2019 Edward H. Wagner

    This month, The Milbank Quarterly introduces a new series of Milbank Quarterly Classics. These were landmark articles when originally published by the journal over the course of its 97-year history that continue to resonate today with lessons for contemporary policymakers and practitioners. We are first recognizing “Organizing Care for Patients with Chronic Illness,” a 1996 article by Edward Wagner, Brian Austin, and Michael Von Korff that outlined a chronic care model for treating individuals with chronic illnesses. More

  • Quarterly Article

    Reflections on the Chronic Care Model—23 Years Later

    August 2019 Donald M. Berwick

    Donald Berwick, president emeritus and senior fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, reflects on the chronic care model’s role in health care delivery as the gold standard for managing chronically ill patients. More