State Health Care Cost Growth Target Values & Performance Reports

Focus Area:
Sustainable Health Care Costs
Peterson-Milbank Program for Sustainable Health Care Costs Spending Growth Target Performance

State officials operating cost growth target programs set a target, or benchmark, value for cost growth in collaboration with stakeholders to create a sustainable health care cost growth goal for everyone to work toward. For the most part, states have tied their targets to measures of the larger economy, so future health care cost growth does not exceed overall state economic growth, and to a measure of household finances such as income growth. The values for 2024 and beyond, and links to the latest performance reports if available, are shown in the table below.

Cost Growth Target Values

StateCost Growth TargetLatest Performance
Connecticut4.0% for 20242022 Results
2.9% for 2025
Delaware3.0% for 20242022 Results
TBD for 2025
Massachusetts3.6% for 20242022 Results
New Jersey3.2% for 2024N/A
3.0% for 2025
2.8% for 2026-2027
Oregon3.4% for 2021-20252021 Results
3.0% for 2026
Rhode Island
5.1% for 2024​
2022 Results
3.6% for 2025
Washington3.0% for 2024-2025N/A
2.8% for 2026-2039
California3.0% for 2026-2030N/A