New Report: Bundling, Benchmarking, and Beyond: Paying for Value in Home- and Community-Based Services

Reforming States Group The Health of Aging Populations

State Medicaid agencies have been attempting—with increasing success—to encourage more long-term services and supports in home and community settings. But how do they know what they’re paying for and if the costs are appropriate for the quality their Medicaid beneficiaries are receiving?

Bundled payments, a package of health care services paid for as a set, is an alternative home- and community-based services (HCBS) payment model that has attracted the attention of state officials—and is currently used in several states. This report, authored by Center for Evidence-based Policy staff, looks at the use of bundled payments in Arkansas and Colorado—and provides policymakers and others with tools, resources, and examples they can use to reimburse for and assess quality in Medicaid HCBS.

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