Webinar: State Approaches to Mitigating Health Provider Consolidation and Its Effects on Prices

Sustainable Health Care Costs Health Care Consolidation

Increasingly, hospitals have merged to form dominant health systems that can exert market power and charge anticompetitive prices that burden the economy. A recent series of Milbank Memorial Fund issue briefs by researchers from the Source for Healthcare Price and Competition identified specific state policies and practices that can deter health care provider concentration, including improved merger review, oversight of anticompetitive conduct, and bans on potentially anticompetitive contract terms that apply to health insurers and providers.

On October 21, 2021, the Fund and the Source hosted a one-hour webinar on steps that states are taking to foster more competitive health care markets and lower health care prices. Speakers included:

  • Katherine L. Gudiksen, Senior Health Policy Researcher, The Source for Healthcare Price and Competition
  • Victoria Veltri, Executive Director, State of Connecticut Office of Health Strategy
  • Jeremy Vandehey, Health Policy & Analytics Division Director, Oregon Health Authority
  • Sen. Deb Patterson, Oregon State Legislature
  • Moderator: Rachel Block, Program Officer, Milbank Memorial Fund

Bills discussed: Oregon HB2362 and SB329 Overview (state.nv.us)

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