Guest Blogs

  • Comprehensive Primary Care in Ohio and Kentucky – Positive Findings

    Jan 30, 2019 | Lisa Dulsky Watkins

    As a former pediatrician in rural Vermont and a career-long believer in the centrality of primary care, I have been frustrated and dismayed to witness the lack of definitive evidence demonstrating what is considered to be conventional wisdom—that a high-performing health system must have primary care at its core. For a decade, I have been in the position of counseling patience, insisting that … Read more

  • What Local Government Can Do for Aging Populations: Insights from San Diego County

    Nov 28, 2018 | Nick Macchione, Joanne Lynn

    State and local leaders who aim to improve population health must help older Americans live well with the challenges associated with aging. Given the rapidly rising number of elders, local governments have remarkable opportunities to facilitate improvements in health and quality of life for elderly people living with disabilities and serious illnesses. In March 2016, the county of San Diego joined … Read more