Primary Care Investment: State Policy and Spending Maps

More states are using legislative and regulatory authority to measure or report on primary care spend and, in some cases, to set targets for increasing investment in primary care. See what states have efforts underway or pending. And below, check out maps with state-level spending by state.

Research conducted by the RAND Corporation and published in JAMA Internal Medicine, with support from the Milbank Memorial Fund, analyzed for the first time national and state estimates of primary care spending for the Medicare population. See the estimates by state.

Other Resources

Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative
Primary Care Investment
Visit PCPCC for update on state legislative activity on primary care investment and other resources for leaders seeking to increase investments in primary care to lower health care costs and improve quality.


3rd Annual New England Meeting on Regional Opportunities for State Government in Health Care Oversight and Regulation 
Improving Primary Care: Building Blocks for Success and Opportunities for State Collaboration
Presentation by the NESCSO Primary Care Workgroup
October 2018

Health Affairs
Disinvesting in Primary Care? by Christopher Koller and Margaret O’Kane
March 2018


New England Journal of Medicine
Primary Care Spending Rate—A Lever for Encouraging Investment in Primary Care
by Christopher Koller and Dhruv Khuller
November 2017


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