Curtis S. Harrod

Curtis Harrod, PhD, is the associate research director at the Center for Evidence-based Policy and has an affiliate faculty appointment with the Oregon Health and Science University-Portland State University School of Public Health. He earned a master’s in public health
(community health) from Colorado School of Public Health and a doctorate in epidemiology
with a minor in biomedical sciences from Colorado School of Public Health. He graduated
from both with Delta Omega honors and was selected to receive the Outstanding Contribution by a Student Award. At the Center, Harrod oversees junior- and senior-level research
associates, policy analysts, and physicians in identifying, evaluating, synthesizing, and
interpreting evidence for various clinical interventions and health policy topics. He works
on research projects across the Center with the aim of transforming complex studies and
data into easily understood and concise reports and presentations for policymakers to use
as tools in evidence-based decision making. In his time at the Center, he has led or co-authored over 100 commissioned clinical evidence and health policy reports. Before joining
the Center, Harrod instructed on epidemiology and other public health courses and served
as a database manager for multiple National Institutes of Health R01 projects. He has
published over a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles, including being the lead author on
a Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis. He also serves as a peer reviewer for
multiple clinical journals and is a member of the US Cochrane West Evidence-based
Medicine group. July 2018