The Milbank Memorial Fund has published The Milbank Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of population health and health policy since 1923. It has commissioned and published reports since early in the last century and, beginning in the early 1990s, published a series called Milbank Reports. From 1999 to 2013, the Fund co-published with the University of California Press a series of books titled California/Milbank Books on Health and the Public. The Fund currently publishes reports, issue briefs (shorter papers), case studies, and Milbank-supported reports, reports published with partner organizations.

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  • Toolkit

    Guides to Hospital Financial Analysis

    April 2024 Nathan Pauly Lauren Sears Amy Zhan Kevin McAvey Sarah Kinsler Peter Hayes Christopher Romero-Gutierrez Michael Bailit

    A new series of Peterson-Milbank analytics support resources offers insight into how to use publicly available data sources to examine the financial condition of hospitals, as well as identify opportunities to reduce health care spending growth while avoiding any unintended consequences that might result.  More

  • Toolkit

    Leveraging Health Care Cost and Affordability Data: A Suite of Analytic Resources

    November 2023 Nathan Pauly Lauren Sears Amy Zhan Kevin McAvey

    The Peterson-Milbank Program for Sustainable Health Care Costs had developed a suite of analytic resources on health care cost and affordability data to provide states with direction on how to access, integrate, and analyze health care data resources.  More

  • Toolkit

    Making Health Care More Affordable: A Playbook for Implementing a State Cost Growth Target

    January 2023 January Angeles

    More and more states are building the infrastructure needed to gain transparency into statewide health care spending through cost growth target programs. Now, a new playbook explains how all states can move toward sustainable health care cost growth.  More

  • Toolkit

    Direct Care Workforce Policy and Action Guide

    May 2022 Courtney Roman Clare Luz Carrie Graham Nida Joseph Kate McEvoy

    A new guide for state officials examines the challenges that direct care workers face — and the administrative, funding, policy, and regulatory levers that states can use to better support this critical workforce.   More

  • Toolkit

    2021-22 Peterson-Milbank Program for Sustainable Health Care Costs Communications Toolkit: Engaging Stakeholders for Success

    April 2021 Christine Haran Debbie Chase

    Updated May 2022 Introduction This toolkit aims to support the development of a communications plan that effectively shares the value of and…  More