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  • Quarterly Opinion

    The Iron Cage of Violence Prevention  

    August 2023 Harold A. Pollack Nate Glasser Selwyn Rogers, Jr.

    Not long ago, some of us were asked to attend a meeting at our institution on the topic of development and employment opportunities for young people… More

  • Quarterly Opinion

    The Off-Ramp from COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Orders: Are We on a Road Forward or a U-Turn?

    June 2023 Paula M. Lantz

    The sunsetting of emergency declarations and orders, while signaling a decrease in the turmoil caused by COVID-19, does not mean the pandemic is over in the United States or globally. More

  • Quarterly Article

    Politics and the Public Health Workforce: Lessons Suggested from a Five-State Study

    May 2023 Michael S. Sparer Lawrence D. Brown

    The politics of public health requires a closer look at the role played by county commissioners, mayors, and other local elected officials. We need a political strategy to persuade these officials that their constituents will benefit from a better public health system. More

  • Quarterly Opinion

    Reimagining Prevention in a Post-COVID-19 World

    May 2023 Sandro Galea

    At some level, we failed at prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic. If our metric for success was preventing viral spread, illness, or death, then a pandemic in which the United States was hit harder than any other large country showed us that we fell substantially shorter in prevention than we might have hoped. With this as a motivating impulse, I suggest that we ask two questions: what caused the consequences of COVID-19 to be so devastating in the US? And, understanding that, what would be an intellectual and practical agenda for prevention going forward? More

  • Quarterly Article

    Transforming Public Health Data Systems to Advance the Population’s Health

    April 2023 Kushal T. Kadakia Karen B. DeSalvo

    As the public health sector begins an unprecedented data modernization effort, scholars and policymakers should ensure ongoing reforms are aligned with the five components of an ideal public health data system: outcomes and equity oriented, actionable, interoperable, collaborative, and grounded in a robust public health system. More

  • Quarterly Article

    Public Health Emergency Preparedness After COVID-19

    April 2023 Joshua M. Sharfstein Nicole Lurie

    A new vision for the field of public health emergency preparedness for the future, one that is integrally connected to a future vision for public health. More

  • Quarterly Article

    The Future of Public Health: Ensuring An Adequate Infrastructure

    April 2023 Georges C. Benjamin

    There is growing evidence that the basic infrastructure of the public health system in the nation has eroded to the point that its capacity and capabilities to adequately protect the nation are in doubt. More

  • Quarterly Article

    Alcohol and Public Health: Failure and Opportunity

    April 2023 David H. Jernigan

    In 1986, I had dropped out of graduate school and was working as a temporary typist to pay my rent. I happened into a job with an alcohol policies project started by the Trauma Foundation, an injury prevention organization housed at San Francisco General Hospital. That was the beginning of my public health career and my focus on alcohol policies. More

  • Quarterly Article

    Who Delivers Maternal and Child Health Services? The Contributions of Public Health and Other Community Partners

    January 2023 Taryn A. G. Quinlan Amelia L. Mitchell Glen P. Mays

    Context: Improving maternal and child health (MCH) care in the United States requires solutions to address care access and the social determinants… More

  • Quarterly Opinion

    CDC at a Crossroads: Four Reforms for a Renewed National Public Health Agency

    August 2022 Lawrence O. Gostin Sandro Galea

    On August 17th, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky acknowledged the CDC’s flawed response to the COVID-19 pandemic and announced an agency-wide restructuring. More