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Primary Care

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  • Quarterly Article

    Measuring Trust in Primary Care

    May 2023 Zachary Merenstein Jill C. Shuemaker Robert L. Phillips

    Context: Trust is a fundamental aspect of any human relationship, and medical care is no exception. An ongoing, trusting relationship between… More

  • Quarterly Article

    The Role of Primary Care in Improving Population Health

    April 2023 Kurt C. Stange William L. Miller Rebecca S. Etz

    In widely quoted ecological analyses, primary care is associated with population health.1,2 Not only with population health,3,4 but with health… More

  • Quarterly Article

    Economic Aspects of Delivering Primary Care Services: An Evidence Synthesis to Inform Policy and Research Priorities

    September 2021 Lorcan Clarke Michael Anderson Rob Anderson Morten Bonde Klausen Rebecca Forman Jenna Kerns Adrian Rabe Søren Rud Kristensen Pavlos Theodorakis Jose Valderas Hans Kluge Elias Mossialos

    In 2018, the Declaration of Astana renewed goals set forth 40 years earlier by the World Health Organization and the United Nations’ Children Fund regarding the importance of primary health coverage in achieving universal health coverage. However, policymakers are often unclear how best to use primary care resources for maximum economic impact. In this overview of systemic reviews, Lorcan Clarke from the London School of Economics and Trinity College Dublin and colleagues finds that specific task shifting among different health care workers, telemedicine, longer primary care consultations, and pay for performance mechanisms are some of the strategies that can have positive economic effects. More

  • Quarterly Article

    The Role of Value‐Based Payment in Promoting Innovation to Address Social Risks: A Cross‐Sectional Study of Social Risk Screening by US Physicians

    October 2020 Amanda L. Brewster Taressa K. Fraze Laura M. Gottlieb Jennifer Frehn Genevra F. Murray Valerie A. Lewis

    Context: One of the most important possibilities of value‐based payment is its potential to spur innovation in upstream prevention, such as… More

  • Quarterly Opinion

    What 1966 Can Teach Us About the Future of Primary Care: The Case for Communities of Solution

    June 2020 Robin S. Gotler Larry A. Green Rebecca S. Etz

    In April 1966, the National Commission on Community Health Services presented President Lyndon Johnson with their report, Health Is a Community… More

  • Quarterly Article

    Leading Innovative Practice: Leadership Attributes in LEAP Practices

    May 2020 Benjamin F. Crabtree Jenna Howard William L. Miller DeAnn Cromp Clarissa Hsu Katie Coleman Brian T. Austin Margaret Flinter Leah Tuzzio Edward H. Wagner

    Context: Over the past several decades, health care in the United States has undergone substantial and rapid change. At the heart of this change is an… More

  • Quarterly Article

    Detailing the Primary Care Imperative–Remembering Barbara Starfield

    April 2020 James M. Perrin

    Barbara Starfield built the field of primary care research and galvanized research and policy documenting the central importance of primary care in… More