The Health of Aging Populations

By 2050, the population aged 65 and over is projected to be 83.7 million, almost double the number it was in 2012. The needs of this aging population will have far-ranging implications for families, health care providers, and public programs.  As the landscape of elder care continues to evolve, states need to develop the policies and programs needed to navigate the challenges of complex care management needs.

In the last few years, the Fund has increased the scope of its programming in state policy and aging. Some of the increased interest comes from state leaders themselves, including participants in the Reforming States Group, who want to know how states can plan for and support aging population.

The Fund has targeted two topic areas, identified by state policymakers, as important to them:

  • how states can support family caregiving
  • how states can reform their Medicaid long-term services and supports systems to improve care and contain program costs.