States and High-Cost Specialty Drugs

depositphotos_4577790-Prescription-PillsAs custodians of public funds, state leaders have to determine what to do about high-cost specialty drugs, such as Sovaldi, the expensive and controversial treatment for Hepatitis C.  As state officials know only too well, the use of a high-priced drug like Sovaldi could result in an unplanned bottom line increase to already burdened state Medicaid budgets. What should state officials consider when making coverage decisions? What should be the pricing and coverage policies for other high-cost specialty drugs forecasted for release in the coming years?

The MMF has taken on this topic, in response to state interest and questions about high-cost breakthrough drugs. In 2014, the MMF hosted a meeting that enabled researchers and advocates to compare notes about Sovaldi.  Also from 2014, read more from Christopher Koller, President of the MMF, about the states and Sovaldi and watch a video on Bio-Pharma Innovations/High Cost Drugs from the Brookings Institute Panel.