Update on CPC+ and the Multi-State Collaborative

February 27, 2017

2017 began with the launch of Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+)—the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovations’ multi-payer primary care transformation project and second largest provider payment reform project—in 14 regions around the country, with nearly 3,000 clinical practices, 54 public and private insurers, and Medicare engaged.  A flurry of activity followed.

Participants are busy setting up clinical and payment systems in alignment with the federal program and with one another. The Lewin Group has been selected as the regional learning contractor, responsible for facilitating practice improvement to meet program milestones and collaborating with multiple local resources.

The Milbank Memorial Fund continues to support multi-payer primary care transformation through the Multi-State Collaborative (MC) with outreach, information sharing, and connecting interested parties to relevant resources. Monthly informational webinars for MC participants began in January—and will continue throughout the year. The presentations from the January 2017 webinar, “Scope and Charter,” are available here.

Looking to the future of the project, on February 17, the second period (Round 2) for applications was opened for new payers in the 14 existing CPC+ regions and for up to 10 new regions.  Interested payers have until April 3, 2017 to submit applications.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to engage significant regions of the country in testing the impacts of upfront support for innovative, high-quality primary care,” said Lisa Dulsky Watkins, MC director. “We are working hard to bring in as many potential payers as possible in order to better understand what these interventions can do on a large scale.  Kudos to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation for making this opportunity a reality.”