Primary Care Collaborative Launches State Primary Care Investment Hub

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Primary Care Investment

Home page of the State Primary Care Investment Hub

In January 2023, the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC) launched the State Primary Care Investment Hub in partnership with the Milbank Memorial Fund to provide information and analysis about primary care investment at the state-level to advocates, researchers, and state officials interested in reorienting state health systems and primary care.

The hub includes information about passed legislation and administration action to measure or enhance primary care spending.  The hub’s primary care investment search tool and map, for example, show that as of 2022, 19 states have taken action to enhance primary care, up from only two states in 2018. The hub also offers state-level reports on primary care investment and key resources on messaging, evidence on the impact of primary care investment, and more.

“We are excited to see this powerful tool so readily accessible,” said Lisa Dulsky Watkins, MD, the Milbank Memorial Fund’s Multipayer Primary Care Network director, and co-chair of the PCC primary care investment workgroup. “Each year presents us with an ever-changing landscape, and it is brilliant to have a single source of reliable updated information at our fingertips.”

The PCC is a multi-stakeholder membership organization dedicated to advancing primary care by promoting policies and best practices to support high-performing primary care and achieve better care, better health, lower cost, and greater joy in the delivery of care. “Primary care is the one part of health care where increased investment consistently delivers better population health and more equity,” said Larry McNeely, director of policy at PCC. “Our new webtool shows that state policymakers are increasingly focusing on primary care…the foundation for our health.”