Multi-State Collaborative Responds to Revisions to 2016 Physician Fee Schedule

September 21, 2015

cpcThe Milbank Memorial Fund’s Multi-State Collaborative submitted a letter via the Federal Register in late August in response to Medicare Program; Revisions to Payment Policies under the Physician Fee Schedule and Other Revisions to Part B for CY 2016. The proposed rule, which addresses changes to the physician fee schedule, and other Medicare Part B payment policies, is an attempt to ensure that payment systems are updated to reflect changes in medical practice and the relative value of services. Of specific concern to members was a section that addressed the future of innovations underway in the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) Initiative. A series of methodology and experience evaluation questions were posed for current CPC Initiative participants and interested parties to answer.

The Collaborative seized upon this opportunity to influence evolving policy by submitting a statement. Christopher Koller, President of the Fund, and Lisa Dulsky Watkins, MD, director of the Multi-State Collaborative, were the signatories. Fifteen leaders from member states or regions enthusiastically gave their consent to be listed as in agreement with the letter’s content. Many members submitted their own responses as well.

“Incredible insight, thoughtfulness, commitment and effort went into preparing this statement in support of multi-payer primary care transformation,” says Dulsky Watkins. “We are collectively taking advantage of the opportunity to shape health system and delivery reform. We were asked questions we wanted to be asked. The exercise was a good illustration of how we have a bigger footprint together than as individuals.”

Also contributing to the writing of the letter were Multi-State Collaborative members Lisa Letourneau of Maine, Susan Stuard of New York, Diane Bechel Marriott of Michigan, Patrick Gordon of Colorado, and Richard Shonk of Ohio.

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