The Milbank Quarterly‘s Top 5 Articles and Op-Eds of 2017

January 23, 2018

The Milbank Quarterly is pleased to report its most-read peer-reviewed articles and op-eds of 2017.

See the list of the top 5 in both categories below. All are freely available.

Most-Read Peer-Reviewed Articles of 2017

  1. Comparing Generic Drug Markets in Europe and the United States: Prices, Volumes, and Spending
    Olivier J. Wouters, Panos G. Kanavos, and Martin McKee
    September 2017
  2. Information Blocking: Is It Occurring and What Policy Strategies Can Address It?
    Julia Adler-Milstein and Eric Pfeifer
    March 2017
  3. Beyond Health Insurance: Remaining Disparities in US Health Care in the Post-ACA Era
    Benjamin D. Sommers, Caitlin L. McMurtry, Robert J. Blendon, John M. Benson, and Justin M. Sayde
    March 2017
  4. Measuring, Reporting, and Rewarding Quality of Care in 5 Nations: 5 Policy Levers to Enhance Hospital Quality Accountability
    Christoph Pross, Alexander Geissler, and Reinhard Busse
    March 2017
  5. Treating, Fast and Slow: Americans’ Understanding of and Responses to Low-Value Care
    Mark Schlesinger and Rachel Grob
    March 2017

Most-Read Op-Eds of 2017

  1. 2016: The Year of the Soda Tax
    Lawrence O. Gostin
    March 2017
  2. The Opioid Crisis From Research to Practice
    Joshua M. Sharfstein
    March 2017
  3. Obesity and Diabetes: The Slow-Motion Disaster
    Margaret Chan
    March 2017
  4. Questions for New Single-Payer Advocates
    John E. McDonough
    October 2017
  5. Data Withholding in the Age of Digital Health
    David Blumenthal
    March 2017