Milbank Quarterly’s Top 5 Articles and Opinions of 2019

The Milbank Quarterly is pleased to report its most-read peer-reviewed articles and opinions of 2019. All are freely available. In addition, two of our Perspectives, a new article type introduced this year to spark collegial debate on an important topic, were widely read. They are: Meanings and Misunderstandings: A Social Determinants of Health Lexicon for Health Care Systems by Hugh Alderwick and Laura M. Gottlieb and Navigating the Shifting Terrain of US Health Care Reform—Medicare for All, Single Payer, and the Public Option by Jonathan Oberlander.

Most-Read Articles

  1. Pharmaceutical Drugs of Uncertain Value, Lifecycle Regulation at the US Food and Drug Administration, and Institutional Incumbency
    Matthew Herder
    August 2019
  2. Public Meets Private: Conversations Between Coca-Cola and the CDC
    Nason Maani Hessari, Gary Ruskin, Martin McKee, and David Stuckler
    January 2019
  3. Service Delivery Models to Maximize Quality of Life for Older People at the End of Life: A Rapid Review
    Catherine J. Evans, Lucy Ison, Clare Ellis‐Smith, Caroline Nicholson, Alessia Costa, Adejoke O. Oluyase, Eve Namisango, Anna E. Bone, Lisa Jane Brighton, Deokhee Yi, Sarah Combes, Sabrina Bajwah,  Wei Gao,  Richard Harding,  Paul Ong,  Irene J. Higginson, and Matthew Maddocks
    March 2019
  4. Predicting the Impact of Transforming the Medicaid Program on Health Centers’ Revenues and Capacity to Serve Medically Underserved Communities
    Ann Rossier Markus, Kan Gianattasio, Eric (Qian) Luo, and Julia Strasser
    October 2019
  5. Ranking Hospitals Based on Preventable Hospital Death Rates: A Systematic Review With Implications for Both Direct Measurement and Indirect Measurement Through Standardized Mortality Rates
    Semira Manaseki-Holland, Richard Lilford, An P. Te, Yen-Fu Chen, Keshav K. Gupta, Peter J. Chilton, and Timothy P. Hofer
    March 2019

Most-Read Opinions

  1. Forty Years After Alma-Ata: At the Intersection of Primary Care and Population Health
    Sandro Galea and Margaret E. Kruk
    March 2019
  2. The Responsibility to Advocate—and to Advocate Responsibly
    Harold Pollack
    January 2019
  3. Investing in Primary Care and Dismantling Fee-For-Service
    K. John McConnell
    May 2019
  4. Living, Aging, and Dying in Healthy and Just Societies: Life Lessons From My Father
    Lawrence O. Gostin
    January 2019
  5. Shareholders, Stakeholders, and US Health Care
    John E. McDonough
    November 2019