Mark T. Benton Appointed Chief of Staff at Community Care of North Carolina

July 16, 2013

Mark T. Benton, former senior program officer of the Fund, is now chief of staff for Community Care of North Carolina, a nonprofit organization that provides care coordination and population health management to the state’s Medicaid recipients and other insured and uninsured residents. He began his new position on July 1. Mr. Benton joined the Fund in 2007 after serving as North Carolina’s Medicaid director. During his tenure with the Fund, he worked closely with the Reforming States Group and led successful projects addressing Medicaid managed care, health systems reform, and data sharing. At the announcement of his departure, immediate past president Carmen Hooker Odom said, “Mark was an outstanding senior program officer for the Fund. He combined his experience in state government with a deep appreciation of the perspectives of policymakers. He was very successful in carrying out the mission of the Fund, which is to assist policymakers to use the best available evidence in decision making.”