Announcing the 2019 Milbank Memorial Fund and AcademyHealth State and Local Innovation Award

For the second year in a row, the Milbank Memorial Fund has partnered with AcademyHealth to recognize state and local efforts to advance the use of data to improve the health of populations and the performance of health systems.

State and local health agencies require robust data and analytics for program design, operations, and evaluation. However, these agencies often lack the capacity to translate that data into useful information. Data analytics roadmaps (DARs) are developed to provide solutions to analytic challenges like defining a population health concept, measuring performance, or carrying out another operation.

This year’s award will recognize up to three organizations that are developing or have developed DARs to help state and local health agencies collect, organize, and analyze their data. One representative for each of the three finalists will receive travel assistance and complimentary registration in order to attend the 2019 Health Datapalooza. A final winner will be announced from the main stage of the meeting.

“With this award, we hope to recognize models that solve common problems and can be replicated in other places,” said Rachel Block, program officer at the Fund.

Nominations are being accepted now through January 14.

Learn more about the award and how to nominate.