Christina Pagel

Christina Pagel, Ph.D., M.Sc., is the director of Clinical Operational Research Unit and a professor of operational research at University College London. She was a 2016-17 U.K. Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice.
Pagel’s previous work includes the development of the Partial Risk Adjustment in Surgery model (PRAiS) for 30-day mortality following pediatric cardiac surgery, which has been adopted across the U.K. The model was published in 2012, and she subsequently led a large National Institute of Health Research-funded project to develop a web-tool to help families and non-specialists interpret published mortality outcomes. Pagel has also led projects at the local hospital level, implementing a mathematical model to forecast demand for beds within the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and building a model and accompanying software to signal the annual winter surge for the pediatric intensive care unit.
She received a Ph.D. in Space Physics from Imperial College London, an M.Sc. in mathematical physics from King’s College London, an M.Sc. in applied statistics from University of London, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from University of Oxford, and two M.A. degrees in Medieval History and Classical Civilization from the University of London.