CEbP Tools for State Health Policymakers

Medicaid Evidence-based Decisions Project (MED)

The purpose of MED is to improve decision making in Medicaid and other state health purchasing programs. Created in 2006 by the Center for Evidence-based Policy as a self-governing collaboration of state Medicaid and other agencies, MED seeks to provide policymakers and Medical Directors with the tools and resources they need to make evidence-informed decisions. MED provides members with access to systematic reviews of evidence on the effectiveness of health care treatments and equipment, health technologies, and medical products. States are also offered rapid state-specific reviews and may opt to receive technical assistance.

Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP)

Policymakers and other decision makers often have to make difficult decisions about the benefits and costs of drug coverage. Developed in 2003 by health policy experts in Oregon as a resource for states, DERP applies comparative evidence to drug formulary decisions. The members-only program, consisting of state Medicaid and public pharmacy managers, as well as other decision makers, provides reports and updates about drugs that have the potential to change clinical practice. Developed with input from members about which drugs to research, DERP reports evaluate the efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of drugs in order to improve patient safety while helping government programs contain costs.

State-Specific Technical Assistance

The Center for Evidence-based Policy assists states with evidence work for state-specific applications and can help states design or improve their processes for using evidence in policy formation, program design, and stakeholder outreach.