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June 2015 Issue of The Milbank Quarterly


The June issue of The Milbank Quarterly features the following studies and op-eds.

From the Editor-in-Chief/Howard Markel on Koplik’s Spots: The Harbinger of a Measles Epidemic   When reviewing the recent (and entirely preventable) epidemic of measles that began in, of all places, Disneyland, we are reminded that of the many things we have achieved in public health, the development of effective immunizations against a battery of infectious scourges ranks among the highest. We are reminded too of the work of a brilliant pediatrician named Henry E. Koplik (1869-1927), who first described the pathognomonic signs of measles called “Koplik’s spots.”

Our June studies:

John W. Whittington, et. al., on Pursuing the Triple Aim: The First Seven Years   In 2008, researchers at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) proposed the Triple Aim, strategic organizing principles of improved care for individuals, better health for populations, and reduced per capita health costs. Seven years later, IHI researchers look at how the Triple Aim has progressed—and describe three principles that are essential for successful implementation.

Jennifer L. Pomeranz on Participatory Workplace Wellness Programs: Reward, Penalty, and Regulatory Conflict   Workplace wellness programs have the potential to improve workers’ health and reduce health care costs. Providing incentives for participating workers to complete a health risk assessment is a common feature of these programs. But legal and ethical concerns emerge when employers use incentives that raise questions about the voluntariness of such programs.

Amanda Fallin and Stanton A. Glantz on Tobacco-Control Policies in Tobacco-Growing States: Where Tobacco Was King   Relying on previously secret tobacco industry documents, the researchers present an account of tobacco control policies in tobacco-growing states (Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia). They reveal that tobacco companies prioritized blocking health policies and joined with tobacco farmers in opposing these policies. But between 1998 and 2003, a rift between the companies and the tobacco farmers emerged. In 2003, the first comprehensive smoke-free law was passed in a major tobacco-growing sate, and there has been steady progress in the region since then.

Pamela Doty, Pamela Nadash, and Nathalie Racco on Long-Term Care Financing: Lessons from France   France’s model of third-party coverage for long-term services and supports combines a steeply income-adjusted universal public program for people 60 and over with voluntary supplemental private insurance. The researchers contrast the French system with US policies. The French example shows how a simple, cash-based product can gain traction among middle-income individuals when offered by employers and combined with an income-adjusted public program.

Linden Farrer, Claudia Marinetti, Yoline Kuipers Cavaco, and Caroline Costongs on Advocacy for Health Equity: A Synthesis Review   In this systematic review, researchers from EuroHealthNet examine the issue of advocacy for health equity. They found a variety of barriers that hamper advocacy, including the contemporary economic zeitgeist, biomedical health perspectives, and difficulties cooperating across policy sectors on the issue of equity. The researchers maintain that advocacy organizations have a central role in advocating for health equity, given the challenges of bridging the worlds of civil society, research, and policy.

Our op-ed contributors in this issue:

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