The December Issue of The Milbank Quarterly

The December issue of The Milbank Quarterly features a lead article on the cost benefit of family planning and contributions from our op-ed writers, including an op-ed by Sara Rosenbaum on the upcoming King vs Burwell case.

Our op-ed contributors in this issue:

Our December studies:

Return on Investment: Benefits and Savings of Family Planning analyzes the US government’s annual investment in family planning and the resulting net savings which, in 2010 alone, amounted to $13.6 billion, or $7.09 for every public dollar spent. (Jennifer J. Frost, Adam Sonfield, Mia R. Zolna, Lawrence B. Finer)

The Challenges of England’s National Health Trainers Service looks at the implementation of peer-led interventions in a professionalized health service. How did the National Health Trainers Service, introduced to help “hard-to-reach” individuals adopt healthier lifestyles, fit with the wider National Health Services priorities? (Jonathan Mathers, Rebecca Taylor, Jayne Parry)

New Uses for Patient-Reported Outcomes is an international analysis and one of the first to look at the feasibility of integrating patient-reported outcomes in clinical practice and performance programs. (Philip J. Van der Wees, Maria W.G. Nijhuis-Van der Sanden, John Z. Ayanian, Nick Black, Gert P. Westert, Eric C. Schneider)

Redesigning the Regulatory Framework for Ambulatory Care Services in New York describes the principles, framework, and regulatory recommendations of the New York Public Health and Health Planning Council as it redesigned the regulatory framework for the state’s ambulatory care services. (Dave A. Chokshi, John Rugge, Nirav R. Shah)

The Perioperative Surgical Home: Quality and Outcomes is a comprehensive review of the perioperative surgical home which, the researchers found, complements the patient-centered medical home and defines methods for improving the patient experience, clinical outcomes, and cost control. (Bita A. Kash, Yichen Zhang, Kayla M. Cline, Terri Menser, Thomas R. Miller)

THE VIEW FROM HERE: What's on the Minds of the States?

Christopher F. Koller, President of the Milbank Memorial Fund


Put a bunch of state leaders in a room, kick out the hangers-on, close the door, and ask them where they need help in health policy. What do they say? This is not a hypothetical question. The Milbank Memorial Fund did just that for three weeks in a row last month. And the responses were illuminating.

The occasion was the fall meetings of the Fund’s Reforming States Group (RSG), a group with a 20-year-old tradition of convening state health policy leaders—Republicans and Democrats, executive branch officials and legislators, leavened with a few international and metropolitan officials—in a collegial, confidential setting to share ideas, do some professional networking, and identify important issues in health policy.

This year, we gathered 95 people from 38 states in three meetings. We invited inter-branch, bipartisan delegations of senior directors and relevant committee heads from each of the states.  These professionals understand that...

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New Report Published: Integrating Primary Care into Behavioral Health Settings for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness


People with serious mental illness experience significant gaps in health care—and these gaps result in disproportionally high rates of physical health conditions, shorter life expectancies, and higher health care costs. How can policymakers improve health care delivery to better serve patients with serious mental illness? For two decades, research has shown that behavioral health integration (BHI)—a patient-centered approach in which behavioral health and medical providers work together to provide care—can benefit patients with depression and anxiety disorder. Much less is known about behavioral health integration models that target people with serious mental illness.

Recognizing the gap in the research, the Reforming States Group (RSG) asked the Milbank Memorial Fund to prepare this report, “Integrating Primary Care into Behavioral Health Settings: What Works for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness” to better understand the...

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