When State Leaders and Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives Come Together

It stands to reason that states and regional health improvement collaboratives have a lot in common. Both are committed to population-based health reform. Both are trying to improve provider and health system performance. Both are using insurance claims data to do it. So what happens when you bring together state leaders and team them up with representatives from their own state’s local private sector improvement collaborative? The Fund, with the help of the Network for Regional Health Improvement, had a meeting to find out. Some important insights emerged.

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VIEW FROM HERE: Why Can’t We Be Friends? The Challenge of Public-Private Collaborations that Improve Health Care

Christopher F. Koller, President of the Milbank Memorial Fund


State health policymakers face more work than they can handle now. Delivery system reform. Medicaid sustainability and expansion. Affordable Care Act implementation. The latest public health issue. Angry constituents. When can they collaborate with private sector leaders working on some of the same issues?

The Fund, with the help of the Network for Regional Health Improvement, recently convened teams of state staff and Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives—local coalitions of providers, health plans, and other stakeholders focused on improving health care—from eight states to share successes in collecting and reporting claims and clinical information and do some joint state-level planning. The convening left me with this question: why are these two groups not more aligned?

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Q & A with Lisa Dulsky Watkins, MD

Director of the Milbank Memorial Fund Multi-State Collaborative



What lessons have states learned about multi-payer primary care transformation? And where do we go from here? In this Q & A, Lisa Dulsky Watkins, MD, Director of the Multi-State Collaborative, talks about the progress that has been made so far—and the work yet to be done.

The Multi-State Collaborative (MC), a group of states committed to transforming the primary care delivery system through payment reform across all payers, has been supported by the Fund since 2009. Most of the 18 member states participate in either the Multi-Payer Advanced Primary Care Practice (MAPCP) demonstration or the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative. The MC gives them a chance to share their experiences and work together on improving the transformation process.

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