VIEW FROM HERE: They Called It “Secret,” We Call It “Confidential”

Christopher F. Koller, President of the Milbank Memorial Fund

“Secret Health-Law Huddle.” The headline made me shudder. It appeared in a national newspaper, describing a meeting hosted by the Milbank Memorial Fund.

”Secret” implied scandal where there was none. That the meeting happened was no secret. The proceedings were, however, confidential. Yes, we had a meeting. No, we weren’t going to talk about what was said. There is a world of nuance between the two, which is important to acknowledge when understanding the work of the Fund.

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How Are We Doing? Payers Talk About Progress in Multi-Payer Reform to Improve Primary Care

There’s nothing better than sitting down and talking face-to-face with others involved in the same work as you. That’s what happened in June, when the Fund hosted a meeting in Washington, DC, that brought together leaders from CMS’s Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (the Innovation Center) with a variety of payers involved in the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative.

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First Milbank Memorial Fund Leadership Program to be Held

This week, the Milbank Memorial Fund is launching its first Emerging Leaders Program, an interactive workshop designed to give future state health policymakers the skills they need to be more effective in an increasingly complex health policy environment.

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Milbank Memorial Fund Hosts IAP Meeting

When the Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program (IAP), an initiative of the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS), wanted feedback from states about the program, they asked the Milbank Memorial Fund to convene a meeting to facilitate discussion between CMS and the states.

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