How Community Health Workers and Community Paramedicine Improve Population Health

Paramedics visiting diabetes patients to check vital signs and make referrals.  Community health workers assigned to teams in medical homes and accountable care organizations to educate overweight patients about healthy eating and exercise habits.

These may not be the roles that paramedics or community health workers have traditionally performed. But with new incentives created by population-based payment methods, providers are increasingly looking at ways that community-based practitioners can provide basic health services to their patients. Growing evidence suggests that expanding these types of alternate staffing can help improve population health while reducing cost.

How are the roles of both of these types of health care workers expanding? That was one of the topics discussed this month at the Reforming States Group (RSG) meetings held...

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THE VIEW FROM HERE: Ebola Mania and the Reality of Uncertainty

Christopher F. Koller, President of the Milbank Memorial Fund


For state leaders, Ebola has been a "Pac-Man" issue—inexorably gobbling up resources and time and, like the disease itself, constantly threatening to break out of control. The public health response to the outbreak of a new and life-threatening infectious disease is complex; it involves unclear authority, necessitates changing policy responses, and guarantees lots of media attention. All in all, it's a flammable brew for health policy.

In the United States' response to the Ebola outbreak, we have witnessed acts of courage and public service, but also poorly interpreted science, ill-informed opinions, government tail chasing, unfair scapegoating, and unwise policy responses. It need not be this way: good planning, clear authority, and consistent communication can prevent the mania from spreading.

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We've Updated Our Website

Our address is the same——but our look is different.  We “connect leaders and decision makers with the best available evidence and experience”—and our new site shows how we do this.  Some of the new features include:

New information about Our Work With States, including topics of interest to states, updates from the Reforming States Group, and tools to help state leaders enhance evidence-informed decision making...

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