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Kathleen S. Andersen, John R. Ball, Paul D. Cleary, Daniel M. Fox, Peter M. Gottsegen, Bradford H. Gray, Rosemary A. Stevens, and John D. Stoeckle

The Economics of Public Health and Medical Care
Ray Lyman Wilbur
Summer 1932

Sickness and the Depression: A Preliminary Report upon a Survey of Wage-Earning Families in Birmingham, Detroit, and Pittsburgh*
George St.J. Perrott and Selwyn D. Collins
Fall 1933

Medical Care during the Depression: A Preliminary Report upon a Survey of Wage-Earning Families in Seven Large Cities*
George St.J. Perrott, Edgar Sydenstricker, and Selwyn D. Collins
Spring 1934

The Present and Future Organization of Medicine*
I.S. Falk
Spring 1934

The American Approach to Health Insurance
Michael M. Davis
Summer 1934

The Relationship of the Milbank Memorial Fund to the Field of Health and the Medical Profession
Albert G. Milbank
Spring 1935

Health of the Negro: Part 1, Disabling Illness among Negroes and Low-Income White Families in New York City—A Report of a Sickness Survey in the Spring of 1933*
Dorothy F. Holland and George St.J. Perrott
Winter 1938

Population Trends and Problems of Public Health
George St.J. Perrott and Dorothy F. Holland
Fall 1940

Nutrition in War and Peace
Frank G. Boudreau
Summer 1947

Industrial and Occupational Environment and Health*
Ruth R. Puffer
Winter 1948

Mental Hygiene and Socio-Environmental Factors
R.H. Felix and R.V. Bowers
Spring 1948

Long-Range Studies of Mental Hospital Patients: An Important Area for Research in Chronic Disease*
Morton Kramer
Summer 1953

On the Association between Health and Social Problems in the Population: 1. Methods and Preliminary Findings*
Antonio Ciocco, Paul M. Densen, and Daniel G. Horvitz
Summer 1953

Longitudinal Analyses of Four Years of Experience of a Prepaid Comprehensive Medical Care Plan
Paul M. Densen, Neva R. Deardorff, and Eva Balamuth
Winter 1958

Cultures as a Causative of Mental Disorder*
Alexander H. Leighton and Jane M. Hughes
Summer 1961

Evaluating the Quality of Medical Care
Avedis Donabedian
Summer 1966

Why People Use Health Services*
Irwin M. Rosenstock
Summer 1966

The Epidemiologic Transition: A Theory of the Epidemiology of Population Change
Abdel R. Omran
Fall 1971

Models for Organizing Health Services and Implications of Legislative Proposals*
Paul M. Ellwood Jr.
Winter 1972

On Achieving Access and Equity in Health Care*
Rashi Fein
Fall 1972

The Organization of Personal Health Services
Lester Breslow
Fall 1972

Societal and Individual Determinants of Medical Care Utilization in the United States*
Ronald Andersen and John F. Newman
Winter 1973

Measurement of Outcome: A Proposed Scheme*
Barbara Starfield
Winter 1974

The Failures of Success
Ernest M. Gruenberg
Winter 1977

Antitrust Enforcement in the Medical Services Industry: What Does It All Mean?*
Clark C. Havighurst
Winter 1980

Representing Consumer Interests: Imbalanced Markets, Health Planning, and the HSAs*
Theodore R. Marmor and James A. Morone
Winter 1980

The Compression of Morbidity
James F. Fries
Summer 1983

“The High Cost of Dying”: What Do the Data Show?
Anne A. Scitovsky
Fall 1984

AIDS and the American Health Polity: The History and Prospects of a Crisis of Authority*
Daniel M. Fox
Supplement 1 1986

The Future of Communicable Disease Control: Toward a New Concept in Public Health Law*
Larry Gostin
Supplement 1 1986

The Past and Future of Home- and Community-Based Long-Term Care*
William G. Weissert, Cynthia Matthews Cready, and James E. Pawelak
Spring 1988

Improving Drug Prescribing in Primary Care: A Critical Analysis of the Experimental Literature*
Stephen B. Soumerai, Thomas J. McLaughlin, and Jerry Avorn
Spring 1989

Toward the Necessary Universalizing of a Disability Policy*
Irving Kenneth Zola
Supplement 2, Part 2 1989

How Good Is the Quality of Health Care in the United States?
Mark A. Schuster, Elizabeth A. McGlynn, and Robert H. Brook
Fall 1998

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