Work of the Fund

The current program of the Fund accords priority to improving the quality and affordability of health services and containing the rate of increase in their cost. The Fund works with leaders in the legislative and executive branches of government, provider organizations, health plans, and the business community to address problems in and seek opportunities for fostering quality and affordable care without escalating costs.  It does so mainly by facilitating meetings in which these leaders share experiences and learn about recent findings from research in the United States and abroad, providing technical assistance to these leaders to implement the best available evidence with practical experience, and commissioning pertinent publications.

The Fund works closely with the Reforming States Group (RSG). Organized in 1992, the RSG is a voluntary, nonpartisan association of leaders in health policy in the legislative and executive branches of government from all fifty states, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand. The Fund helped to organize the RSG and has provided staff support to its Steering Committee and members throughout its history.