Evaluating the Quality of Medical Care

Evaluating the Quality of Medical Care

In a Milbank Quarterly Op-Ed, Donald Berwick and Daniel M. Fox put Donabedian’s work into historical perspective.
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Recommendations for Strengthening Global Health Security

Strengthening Global Health Security

A Milbank Quarterly study by Lawrence Gostin and Rebecca Katz evaluates the International Health Regulations and offers proposals for reform
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A Blueprint for Repair and Renovation of the ACA The Importance of Physicians' Financial Disclosure for the Public's Health A Tale of Two Diseases: Mental Illness and HIV/AIDS Clash of the Titans: State All-Payer Claims Reporting Systems Meet ERISA Preemption Courting Disaster: Environmental Justice and the US Court System Accountability for Health Meeting the ACA's Goals

Milbank Quarterly Early View Op-Ed: John E. McDonough on How Democrats Might Try to Improve and Expand the ACA in 2017

July 26, 2016

With the Democratic Convention in full swing this week, there’s plenty of conversation about what the country might look like if the party captures the White House in November—including how the Democrats might try to improve and expand the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2017. That’s the question raised by John E. McDonough’s new Early View Op-Ed in which he examines four proposals to alter and expand the ACA. McDonough reviews the proposed policies of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, Families USA, Urban Institute, and The Century Foundation. He then asks if they would work and are politically feasible.

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Issue Brief: Medicaid Coverage of Social Interventions: A Road Map for States

July 25, 2016

Faced with mounting evidence about the importance of social factors—such as income, access to food and housing, and employment status—in determining health outcomes, state Medicaid officials are looking for ways to integrate services that address these factors into their coverage, payment, and delivery models. Medicaid can’t solve societal problems on its own, but federal regulations make it clear that it can be a partner in community efforts to address the social determinants of health—and this issue brief explains how.

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Milbank Quarterly Early View Article: Making It Safe to Grow Old

July 5, 2016

A new financial simulation for a novel model of care, called MediCaring Communities, has shown significant Medicare savings for frail older adults who need both medical care and nonmedical support services. In a new Early View Milbank Quarterly study, Joanne Lynn, director of Altarum Institute’s Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness, and colleagues, found that the United States could provide much better care for disabled and sick elderly people without exceeding what we now spend.

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My New ER TV Drama

I have a new emergency room (ER) drama for television in mind. In my TV drama, there are no sirens and no gurneys racing through the corridors. There are no overworked doctors or heart-tugging patients or gut-wrenching triage decisions.

Instead, my TV drama commences with a more common ER scene—a crowded waiting room full of bored, sick people, many of them disoriented and distressed.  Cut to an angry hospital CFO, operating under new risk-sharing contracts, who pounds the table and demands that the one third of ER patients who could safely be treated in ambulatory settings get moved there—“Stat!”

Effective Public Management of Mental Health Care:
Views from States on Medicaid Reforms That Enhance Service Integration and Accountability

Co-published with the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

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